What is your favorite breed and why?

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    What is your favorite breed and why?

    There are so many great dog breeds out there, mixes too! Tell us what you favorite is and why you pick that breed.

    Mine is the Rottweiler, they have a nice energy level, you can take them on an 8 mile hike or let them run around a little and they are good to just chill with you. So loyal and intelligent. They make me feel safe too. The Rottie really fits my lifestyle.

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    That Your Favorite Dog Breed Says About You

    Golden Retriever. For Golden lovers, you are as friendly as can be.

    Doberman. You are highly intelligent and protective of those you love.

    Poodle. You love meeting new people, and you are well-received by others.

    Great Dane. Just like a Great Dane, you are gentle and kind.


    Boston Terrier.

    Beagle. ...


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    I really like Lab's bc, Labs make great family dogs. They can learn to play gently with small kids. And they also make excellent hunting -companions. ... It might be because Labs are friendly, helpful, playful, and highly trainable......anyone looking for an online store, check out this- https://www.pridemypet.com/

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    I have own different dogs in the past few years. But the Bernedoodle breed


    was my favorite among all of these. It's a beautiful combination of Poodle and

    Bernese mountain dog. I think it's one of the most intelligent dog, I

    have found in past few years.

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    My favorite breed is the German shepherd. They are loyal, active, smart, and easy to train. One of my hobbies is hiking, so the German shepherd is a perfect companion for me. I also like golden retrievers and border collies.

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    German Shepherd is my best because of wide usage in world in armed, civil etc.

    its good.

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    I wanted Dobermans all my life, and 4 months ago, I finally got my first Dobie. They are my favorites because they're loyal, affectionate, smart, cuddly, and look dangerous to those that don't know them. Here are all the things that make them amazing - https://worlddogfinder.com/breeds/doberman-pinscher

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    I really like Labradors' friendly and outgoing personalities, as well as their loyalty and intelligence. alcazar.in/.../a-complete-dog-breed-list  This blog provides information on the most popular dog breeds and can help you find the perfect companion to fit your lifestyle.