Senior Moment?

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    Senior Moment?

    With a senior dog, there are ays when you wonder just how much time you have left together. For the past couple of weeks I have been dwelling on the more often than not. Continually asking my fiancé "How do you think Kito looks?" "Does she look alright to you?" "I don't know, does she seem sluggish tonight?"

    On a normal night our schedule consists of me coming home from work, opening the door, yelling for her as loud as I can, she waddles out from whichever corner/couch she was sprawled out on, goes outside to the front yard, does her business, wanders off for a little bit, I got out to the yard and chase/follow her back in the house, she gets a treat and then lays down.

    Tonight, however, the temperature is hovering around 80 degrees. I just come home from the farm, I open the door, find her on the new couch (which is another story), she then looks at me and bolts out the door faster than American Pharaoh leaving the gate at the Kentucky Derby. She does her business, looks back at me, crouches down and starts hopping as fast as she can towards me. Of course, by this time I can't stop giggling at her. Our neighbor Anita then stops out to say hello. I walk over to her yard to say hello, Kito follows and then passes me up running as fast as she can, goes up the stairs to THEIR deck, stop and says hello to Anita's husband, Gene. Hangs out with him for a few minutes, comes back down, runs to the front of the house and realizes we didn't follow her. She then comes racing to the back of the house, tries to visit the next neighbors' house, I intervene. Got her back on track to our house, which she again takes off and races her little heart out to the door. Waits for me there, we go inside and she gets her Beggin Strip.

    I look at her with a smile on my face shaking my head. I don't know if its because I feel silly thinking about the first paragraph or because I can't believe she gives me the ability to write the third...

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    Thanks for the post we love to read about you, Kito! Can't wait to see more fun pics. We love ya.