Liver Failure Reversal Diet

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    She will eat sweet potatoe treats, cottage cheese and flaxseed (budwig) and maybe a little chicken. The problem is I started putting her digestive enzymes in the chicken and now she is paranoid that the chicken is making her sick. She is like that a lot. She is very finicky and if a food makes her sick in any way then she wont eat. She was eating the chicken a lot, and then I made that mistake. I do give the Denamarian every morning, followed by probiotics, followed by the Budwig diet (Cottage Cheese and flax seed oil ) shringed, and then I usually gave her chicken with sweet potatoes, but now she is refusing to eat the chicken and sweet potatoes. I am so mad at myself for putting the enzymes in the only food she would eat. She will not eat any commercial food at all.

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    Please anyone help.... She is still quite perky, but I am worried because now she is weak. She was doing well on the chicken. I have been working with a holistic vet and a regular one.

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    Don't leave the items "separate" -- they should all be mixed together in one big mass (most dogs don't like bumps or chunks).   Syringe feeding can help.  If they don't eat out of the bowl what I want to feed, I will simply fall back on syringe feeding.  Usually when they discover it helps them feel better they'll take it.

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    I tend not to let a dog dictate to me what they will eat -- I will stop putting a bowl in front of them and literally just syringe feed what I want.  

    I never give chicken -- in Oriental medicine "chicken"  and "rice" both tend to worsen inflammation.  **IF** I use any grain it's oatmeal, or barley, or quinoa.  I typically use beef or lamb  as meat.

    What is the basic issue?  I hate discussing just food because there are things like liver toxicity and renal toxicity that strongly affect whether or not they can eat..

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    I was feeding them in a mix but she would not eat it. When I separated it, she started to eat them. i am pretty sure it was because I put the enzymes in.  Syringe feeding is hard, She spits it back out at me. My husband even tried. She is acting weird tonight. She is weak and having trouble getting up. I am sure it is because she is hungry, I have to give her the Denamarian in the morning, so I don't want to give her any more treats. The SAMe seems to be working. Today was the first day she started this so I do not know why it is making her weak.

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    She has liver disease. Her enzymes are sky high, especially the ALP. Coincindentally so are mine and my husbands, which makes me suspect our tap water, but I only give her distilled now. We did not do the biopsy because she was too weak., they said she may not make it through it. I have been told by one of my vets that lamb is hard with liver disease. I have not tried beef yet. Chicken is her favorite or at least it used to be. I don' t try to let her dictate but right now I just want her to eat.

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    The SAM-e isn't making her weak -- but if she's not eating that will make her weak.  

    When you syringe feed -- put your hand over her muzzle (fingers on top, thumb underneath) and hold her gently but firmly.  Use your index finger to lift up her lip near the canine tooth.

    Stick the tip of the syringe *behind* that tooth.  Hold her head so she can't yank her head away and squirt slowly  -- leave her enough slack (with her mouth open just a bit) so she can work her tongue to swallow but keep a gentle pressure.   It's hard for them to spit it out if you have hold of the muzzle.

    Your vet can also give you lactulose -- that's actually a laxative, but they use it a LOT in liver failure (both in humans and dogs) because it binds to the toxins and helps carry them out of the body.  

    If you will use the CellFood SAM-e it is the best absorbed and it is incredibly good.  Most human SAM-e is enteric and dogs can't digest it unless you crush the pills..  The CellFood SAM-e is a liquid so it's absorbed 100%.

    My email is -- if you email me I'm glad to help you further.  

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    Ohhh my goodnesss , I agree with you dear you are also supportive and pet friendly person.