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    So my dog has been sneezing a lot recently (past week or so), and it seems to increase when hes outdoors in my backyard. and just this morning i woke up and noticed that his nose was slightly swollen. later i came home and his whole nose and eyes were swollen. his eyes were red.

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    He must be allergic to something I would consult your vet right away to get him some relief. Please keep us posted.

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    Absolutely -- don't try to resolve this on your own.  Dogs can get an anaphylactic reaction just like we can and when the nose is swollen that can affect breathing.    This could be MANY things -- among which could be something like a foxtail (a seed pod they pick up from snuffling thru plants) that can imbed in the nose and be painful, all the way to a life-threatening allergy **OR** it could even be something like a spider bite.  This is honestly one of those "VET NOW" kind of things.

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    Allergies are among the most common reasons for facial swelling in dogs. When a dog's face suddenly becomes swollen, it is usually caused by an allergic reaction. ... You may especially notice swelling of the muzzle and eyelids. The neck may be swollen as well and even affect breathing.

    Take care of these things:

    Place a cold compress on the affected eye, to help reduce swelling.

    Keep the compress in place for 10 minutes.

    Take her to the vet the same day.