dry heaving - please help

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    dry heaving - please help

    Yesterday we noticed our dog would periodically dry heave.  She hadn't recently eaten and nothing came up.  After a few heaves, she would be fine and act normal.  She ran around in the yard and ate her dinner.  Throughout the night she woke us up 4 times with this again and then would settle and go back to sleep.  It happened a few times this afternoon as well while we had company over.  We fed her frosty paws thinking maybe her throat was irritated.  Then after not heaving for at least 2 hours, she just did it again.  We have been looking in her throat but don't see anything.  We are planning to call the vet in the morning during their office hours but were looking for advice/suggestions in the meantime.

    Has anyone experienced this before?  Do we need to be concerned tonight or can we wait until tomorrow.  This did happen once before and the vet said a treat may have scratched her throat (she tends to swallow without chewing very well).  Any ideas we can do to ease her discomfort?

    On an (unrelated?) note, we started a new bag of her usual dog food on Friday and this began on Saturday.  Any chance it is a bad bag?  Can that happen with dry food?  Science diet light.

    Thanks so much!

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    Dry heaving is unusual -- usually when they WANT to bring something up they will.  I doubt it's a vet emergency if she's acting normal otherwise but I would sure have a vet look see tomorrow.

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