Please advise: Strange / Weird bugs in dark poop

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    Please advise: Strange / Weird bugs in dark poop

    I have a poop collector / scooper thing that I will keep poop in a couple days before I empty it.  I saw bugs in it last time, but wasn't concerned as poop had set awhile.
    So tonight the dogs were out for one hour and I scooped up the poop, and the bugs were there again.
    Before I go on, let me also say that my boy is due for a dental on Monday morning, and I don't want any problems with that.  He had blood test and fecal in April.
    Warning:  Food comparison below:
    Ok, so the poop has been extra dark lately, like dark chocolate.  If I use the scraper to cut it into, it looks like melted dark chocalate, only with some cherry added in.  It's a funny shade of red.   They have been eating hamburger, and yes beets were added ---- but they have had this food before without the poop looking quite like this. Their poop is always darker on beef than say turkey, but this is extra dark.  Almost tarry looking - which would indicate blood.  But, they also have had occasional extra, extra dark/black stools in the past on a transient basis, so I don't know if the color necessarily means anything.
    (I'm itching all over now --eeckk.  I was around those bugs so long - I've got to go take a shower and see if I stop itching.  Eeckk again!).  So, I scoop his poop up and see the bugs.  There are adults and babies - lots of babies around. The adults are about 1/4" long.  They have several 'segment' part bodies.  The last 'segment' tapers off to a pointed end.  They have feet and they have antanea.  They are mostly brown with a slight reddish area in the middle section.
    Thes are the same bugs as I saw before.  If the poop was only out there for one hour while I left the dogs in the run, then how could that many adults and babies travel to it so soon if it didn't come from the poop itself.  There's really not any grass around right next to this area (very sparse)- so it's not like bugs have a good place to hide around there.
    I know what tapeworms look like, and this wasn't anything whatsoever like it  I don't know what it could be and I am concerned if it did come from him and then doing a dental on Monday. 
    Any  bug experts out there?????????????    (I'll be back after a long shower)!
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    In honesty, if you have a solid suspicion that it is from the dog, man I'd snag another sample in the morning and go straight to the vet and tell them to look at it.  That just plain sounds too scarey.  If they were from 'outside' of the dog you'd likely see a straggler or two on their way 'to' or 'from'. 
    The fact that it's such a weird color lends credence to some sort of parasite or 'bug' and would also make me want to hasten to get it looked at.  You don't need the dog "there" to examine poop under a microscope but it could save a weekend of misery.
    Look at the dog's gums -- are they at all pale?  With that sort of thing you will often see pale gums which IS an emergency.  Do you know how to do a capillary refill test?  Press into the gum with the tip of your finger pretty hard and hold it for a few seconds and then let go and look.  Does the pale spot where your finger pressed fill back in *immediately* with blood or does it take a few seconds.  Again that can indicate severe anemia (as in vet THIS instant). 
    Good luck -- gosh, what else can they do to make us nervous!!  (Got any Hylands Calms or hypericum??  t'will help with those "ewww I'm so grossed out" itchies!! Been THERE too!)
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       Wow Lynn, I have never heard of bugs like you describe being in a dog; I thought the only parasites a dog could have living inside of the body were hook worms, round worms, heart worms, whip worms, tape worms and protozoans.  The bugs you're describing sound like centipedes;   [link][/link]  or perhaps pill bugs; [link][/link].  let us know what the vet says, and I hope your dogs are okay.
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    Callie and Jessies mom,
's not a centipede.  There are only three, maybe four, defined segments.  They maybe only had a few sets of legs - not a whole bunch.
    See, I know what tapeworms look like, but I don't know what any other bugs might look like 'outside the body'.  I realize I sound off the wall about these bugs being maybe from the dog- but can't help it. 
    It's harder to do a capillary test on him b/c his gums are blackish.  His sister's is bright pink, but his is more pale/black.  The capillary test:  it does fill back in, tho not as fast as his sisters does.  But, soon enough that I don't think it's an emergency b/c I think his gums tend to stay pale anyway. 
    OK:  two more thoughts:   Maybe there are two seperate issues going on:
     1) the food was the food I cooked last Friday and I got on here whining b/c it had been on the stove for about 4 hours and b/c the pan was soooo big, there was a section of meat that didn't get cooked at all.  I ended up putting it back on and re-heating.
    Both dog's poops are the same color - so really, what is going on with one is going on with the other - I think it is maybe a tad worse with him (but he eats more).
    So, maybe this last batch of food upset both of their tummies?  I made a new 1/2 batch tonight - no more pots that are too big for the stovetop.  I had also added more meat this las ttime - when it didn't all get cooked at first---but they have had this amount of meat before.  However, I had been doing about 60% meat, and I upped it to about 70% b/c my boy was so hungry all the time and I am trying to put weight on him.  I am feeding him at 3 1/2% of body weight PLUS adding a dollop of ricotta cheese plus an egg yolk.  So, I wanted to skip the egg yolk and cheese for a round and I upped the meat instead.
    I don't think it was the amount of meat really,  But, maybe the fact that some of it sat too long w/o being heated?  Could this make their stools dark? Or maybe the combination of the two?
    If this is the case and it caused gastrointestinal distress, then can he still do the dental Monday morning?
    2) bugs:  Oh, the bugs seemed to be in her poop as well, just not nearly as bad.  We are having an exceptionally bad year for no rains - the second worst since they started keeping records.  Could the drought bring up unusal bugs and this be the answer?
    The thing that bothers me is there were so many babies mulling about and I just don't see now that many babies could travel from somewhere else to the poop.
    --->  I doubled baged the poop and left it outside my garage.  I couldn't possible face going thru it tonight.  I don't know if any bugs would survive till tomorrow or how I could catch one.  Don't even think the vets would know what it was, anyway.   
    There won't be another fresh poop opportunity until tomorrow evening since they both went tonight.  I will, of course, insepcet all fresh poops as well as I can.
    I will be informing you guys what I find and if you have any more ideas --- please let me know. 
    (Callie - my itchies are all gone after the shower except my hair - I didn't wash it tonight b/c I'm tired.  I did take 3 Calm's Forte a few minutes ago so I hope my head will quit itching now!)
    ---> I have this little device that gently sucks up small bugs to release outside.  Spiders, fine (most, anyway).  Crickets, fine.  Did about a dozen two nights ago. Don't like wood cockroaches a bit, but I can deal with them.   Not crazy about snakes, but can watch  one slide by.    But, strange bugs in dog poop?  That's just super creepy to me. 
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    continued from above as update:

    Jessies' mom,  I didn't notice your mention of  the pill bug first time around.  It's not that either, it's not a squishy bug, but has a hard body.  That got me thinking and I went thru and looked at a lot of pictures of termites - there are a lot of dfferent ones.

    Now, one of the pictures had the body shape, but it wasn't in color.  Most showed white bugs, but mine was dark.  Anyway, now b/c of the pill bug mention, I am thinking maybe it's a termite.

    Would termites eat poop?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  I know they have winged ants that look like termites, but none of these had wings.

    Now, further away, about 4 weeks ago, I disturbed a colony of ants.  This is still in the vicinity.  My boy's poop had a lot of bug activity.  About 12 feet away, the girl's only had a small amount of bug activity.  But, I went and rolled over stones I have lining the inside edge of the run to keep my boy from trying and digging out.  Next to the girls poop (where there was less activity), was more "ants" under one of the stones. 

    These are ants --- the other bugs are something else. 

    So, next question:   How can I safely get rid of any creatures living under the stones?  Maybe this explains why they are coming in itching like they have fleas, but I don't find flea dirt.  This would also explain the mysterious bites on the underside of my girl two weeks ago. 

    I know baby oil kills those tiny,tiny,tiny ants.  I guess I will by baby oil tomorrow and try and kill what I do find out there.  That's going to be fun.....overturning all those stones.

    I'm still happy to hear any comments anyone still wants to make.   (I'm still itching -- now back to my feet and head)   I didn't even itch bad the other night when a cricket woke me up by jumping on my head.   But, crickets aren't "creepy bugs".
    edit:  This still doesn't explain the dark, black poop that looks like it's got dark thick cherry filling.
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    I'd take a sample of the stool to the vet to see if there is any blood in it - it could be beet pulp, but there doesn't seem to be a clear explanation at this point and a fecal is pretty inexpensive.
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    Hi Lynn
    Iv been checking back to this post to see if you found out what those bug's were??? Or what it is that was going on.....
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    Well,  I did say I would be back with more apologies for taking so long.  My boy was recovering from a dental Monday night and the last 5 days have been really busy and I've been extra tired.
    Don't know about the bugs.  I googled pictures of termites and found out that their are different kinds other than the white kind.  The pictures I saw were in black and white, so I couldn't compare colors.  But, one picture of a particular type had the same body shape, segments, antennea, etc. so I think that was probably it.
    We are having the 2cd worst draught since they started keeping records, so I suppose it's reasonable to see bugs that I haven't seen before.  It still amazes me about the tiny, tiny, tiny brown blobs (babies) in their too.  I still don't see how that they came from a distance in such a short time--- hmmm.  maybe they were all just passing thru and happened along dinner [8D]      I did read that yes, termites will eat poop and other decaying matter.  So, I think that is what it was.  They won't be there now, that's for sure.  The area got Ivory soaped down in a hose end sprayer, so no more bugs biting on my girl.  I'm pretty sure that or the ants were causing the bites on her belly.
    The yeeckky stool?  Don't know that either.  Took a sample in Monday morning and it was normal.  It was already starting to look better.  My only theory on that is the following:   The previous Friday I had cooked up a huge batch of food and it takes 3-4 hours to cook.  I discovered at the end of cooking that a section on the outside bottom part had not cooked at all.  So, I re-heated to 170 degrees and that's what they were eating.  After I freaked out about the bugs in the poop, I made new food.  (In a smaller pan, only making 1/2 batches now [;)]). 
     In throwing the remainder of the other bag out, I noticed what looked like blood from the hamburger meat.  Actually, I've seen that bloody water before, only the food gets cooked really well (excusing the last time).  I don't think it's from the hamburger meat since the blood is already drained.  So, now I'm thinking that the beets combine with the water and make 'bloody' appearing water.  Anyway, I think that red water is what made the inside of the stool look so cherry red.  I have another 1/2 batch left, but I'm throwing it out next time I remember on garbage day - just don't want to chance it.   So, even tho I had feed beets before, maybe I hadn't noticed the inside being red b/c I wasn't going threw that poop examining it.       The black tarry outside of the poop, I have no explanation for unless the above guess could apply to this as well.  I sometimes see them having blackish stools, and so I'm going to start paying attention to see if it continues, and what they are eating at the time.  Maybe it's just the combination of foods in a particular batch???
    So,  bottom line is:   I really don't know for sure anything, just making guesses.    I did calm down, after awhile, and think it unreasonable that the bugs came from the poop.    Well,  I actually thought it at first, but let calm reason go out the window in favor of freaking out.   [8|]
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    google "dung beetle".
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    google "dung beetle".

    Dung beetles are REALLY big, like almost the size of a ping pong ball.  They kept flying in our faces when I was in Africa. Maybe the ones in the US are smaller, but man those Serengeti ones are massive!
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    there are thousands of dung beetle species in the US. Some are really small.
    You didn't say where you live, but in the Southeast, there is a beetle type bug that comes out of the ground to devour our dog's poop.  If you let it sit for a few days, it magically disappears. The adults are about 1/2 inch long.  If you look at the ground when when you scoop and there are bugs, you may be able to see holes in the ground.
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    It's *really* dry here, right now. My dogs' poop is disappearing, like nothing. If I leave poop in the yard at the kennel (even for an hour), it's *full* of bugs. I think they're hungry and thirsty, so they're resorting to whatever they can get their grubby little hands on[;)]
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    Yes, Sally,  I do live in the Southeast.  And I don't let the poop sit around a few days at my house -- I see old poop on our walks, but they only have a small run so it must be picked up when I go back out to get them (nothing worse than letting your dogs go back in, and in their excitement over some interesting noise, they run right thru it - yeck!).
    And, yes, there are small, tiny holes in their pen - but I also have ants, and I thought it was ant holes.  I've never heard of this bug, and hadn't seen it before.
    I m not sure it's a dung beetle, tho.  I did research after Mudpuppy's suggestion, and it doesn't appear to look like most of their pictures - but as she said, there are lots of different kinds.  Most of the pictures that came up showed wider shaped bugs, whereas mine were skinnier and long.  Not short and fat, but long and skinny.  1/2' sounds about right.
    Well, glad to know it's not only at my house - that it's normal.  Thanks for sharing that info Sally and Jennie.  Boy, they are fast little critturs - getting to the 'food' inside of an hour.
    Still, it gave me the creeps.  It didn't help that it was at night and I was using a headlight.  That just made it more eeiry. 
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    Hey it's 2014 & I just found a beetle type bug with a pointy end come out of a fresh poo. I broke the poo into segments as, long story, have had ongoing problems with my dog.  Anyhow I poked 7 out of his poo in a military style operation using cocktail sticks. I would have gotten more but was feeling bit icky... So will transport bugs from fridge to vet AM   I wait in anticipation... Anyone else experience this or know what I've found??