5 Tips For Picking The Best Dog Clothes

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    5 Tips For Picking The Best Dog Clothes

    5 Tips For Picking The Best Dog Clothes

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    Toying with the idea of making your puppy posh and stylish? It sounds good, but it can be a challenging time selecting clothes and footwear for your dog. As social creatures, they like to dress up in the best of collars, jackets, and booties. One can imagine their excitement when they spot a tiara or barrette bought by their master.

    Fashion for the doggies is incredible fun. With over 300 million pets in the US, pet fashion is a roaring business opportunity. Yet, factors like what to buy, the size, quality, range, warmth, etc. may baffle the dog owner. This article eases out your worries about fashion dog clothes with shopping tips and suggestions.

    #1.Fabric Choice

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    When buying dog clothes, pick fabrics such as cotton, fleece, knits of high-quality. Clothing items like raincoats, sweaters, hoods, cooling vests, etc. should be of premium quality and long-lasting durability.

    Choose a fleece jacket or Winter Dog Coats for your dog to combat winters. For summers, rely on 100% cotton. If you like to dress up your canine in blended fabrics, select a comfortable blend. The fabrics you choose should not cause any irritations to the pet. Make sure the choice of fabric is skin-friendly for your pug.

    #2.Size Matters

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    Like humans, clothes for your canine partner come in many sizes. Fit is essential, and no dog admires unfit clothes. Check out the apparel measuring guide while buying new gear for dogs. It will save you the frustration of having to exchange or return the item.

    If you have a large dog breed at home like a Mastiff, choose clothes of larger size. The clothes should fit right on your pet, and should not be too tight or too loose. Baggy outfits might make your pet trip or fall, whereas tight ones will bring suffocation. Find a store that keeps dog clothes of all sizes, and don't forget to take your dog's measurements before shopping for clothes for him/her.

    #3.Budget Planning

    First, make a checklist of the essential and non-essential garments for dogs. Then, apportion your money so that you buy clothes for your dog on a comfortable budget. Setting a cost on the total fashionable items for your pup is very important before buying the same.

    Change in weather or an uncalled-for calamity can suddenly shoot up the product required for your dog. It is better to devise a weekly/monthly spend for your clawed member and accordingly make your purchase so that it doesn't pinch you in the long run.

    #4.Comfort is King

    Imagine your pup expressing displeasure of its jacket's fashion style or the dog collar or harness in general. Buy a fashion item for your dog without compromising on the comfort and coziness. Put the first emphasis on size and fabric. Whatever costume you pick for your dog should pose no problem for the dog while putting or removing the same.

    Nothing compares to simplicity in dressing. Accessorize the simplest fashion outfit of your dog with belts, ties, or scarves to jazz it up. If any, see to it that the embellishments do not poke into the dog's fur or cause any itching.

    #5.Safety Rules

    Buying clothes for your Hounds or Retrievers is like purchase outfits for your few months old babies. They are pure and innocent and will raise an alarm bell if anything they wear brings them discomfort.

    Since dogs tend to rip off buttons, studs, pockets, etc. in their playtime or general stroll, get these accessories done on their costumes only when there is a need. Fashion accessories like these can end up choking your well-meaning pug, so try and discourage yourself from buying buttoned clothes for your dogs. Elder dogs may prefer loose costumes for the comfort they bring. Buy those, instead of tight costumes that make them fidgety. Zippers may get stuck in the dog's fur, so opt for the safer Velcro.

    Fashion Tips for Pets

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    Here are a few random suggestions to ace up your dog's fashion goals at home or travel without risking safety and comfort.

    • Choose your dog's clothes as per the weather conditions of the place you live in.
    • Buy machine-pressed printed outfits for your pet; else, the design can fade away or peel-off quickly.
    • For the pet's night walk, choose dog gear with reflective strips. For your doggie's adventures in the snow, Fashion Dog Boots are good to go.
    • When choosing dogs' clothing for cold weather, consider the dog's body parameters, such as weight, breed, age, coat density, and health.
    • Attending international film festivals? Pick the fanciest apparel or the famed Lily Boots from Paris Hilton Pet Line Collection.
    • When buying pet clothes online, go for reputed sellers with positive reviews.
    • To get good shopping deals, buy clothes for your dogs during the sale season.
    • Avoid buying glitter or shiny clothes as that may harm the pet skin.
    • Dog breeds with scarce or no hair can succumb to the extremities in temperature. Pat sunscreen on them for summers and dress them in a dog coat in winters.


    Weather changes demand appropriate modifications in clothing for pets. At the same time, bonding plays a significant role in deciding what will go well with the pet. Dogs cannot talk, but they have extrasensory powers to smell what can be good or bad on them. Pamper your pug and apply a rationale as well.

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