Weekly Growl Week of 10/20

Contest Alert!:  This week DOG.com launched their #CoverDog Photo Contest!  Several entries from the rescue world and beyond trying to win a $1000 shopping spree and a spot in the DOG.com! Check out the entries, vote, and enter your dog here!


BERNESEMOUNTAIN – One BIG factor on which type of dog you choose to bring into your family is the size of your home. BERNESEMOUNTAIN is curious which breed is perfect for a large apartment.  Share your answers  now!


KAI_YAAA – Trick are not only cute, they teach dog discipline and decorum. KAI_YAAA wants to know what tricks your dog knows! Share with us which tricks your dog knows!


JCRISP – Some dogs have an extreme fear of storms. What is the cause of it? How can families deal with this? JCRISP posted some helpful tips for aiding a dog that is fearful during storms. Check it out!


ALICERICHARDS – Needs help dealing with matted fur. Matted fur and become a problem if not handled properly. Community, if you have any tips on matted hair, please give some advice to this dog owner!


Dog.com Gives Back– Last week Dog.com visited the home of a beautiful little Pit named Nessa who is recovering from a pretty serious surgery. With the help of customer donations we were able to provide Nessa with a smile and a DoggieBox!   Check out this adorable lady, here!