World Animal Day / October 4, 2015
Back in 1931, World Animal Day was used as a way to highlight the plight of endangered species. Today, its purpose is to help all animals by raising awareness of how much each of them can enrich our lives.

What can you do to celebrate?
One way is to volunteer at a local shelter and spend time socializing with the animals in need of a good home. Offer to walk the dogs, assist in shelter cleanup, or even play with the cats. Any time you can donate is much appreciated.
You can also take time to learn more about wildlife around you. Make your garden more animal-friendly by adding a bird bath or new bird feeder, or add some bee- friendly plants. Plan a fun dog walk through a local state park or hiking trail!
Not only can domestic animals such as dogs and cats make your life special, but the wildlife around us also brings much joy and fulfillment. Go bird watching or hiking at a local state park and enjoy the scenery of deer or rabbits running in the wild. There are so many wonderful creatures that we fail to notice every day, it’s nice to take the time to appreciate nature. Please support your local state parks and wildlife commissions; they are always looking for volunteers to help maintain parks and trails.
Don’t forget to document your fun adventures on social media, and make people more aware of all the great animals around them!