The month of September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month! How are you going to celebrate?
Share with us how you are a responsible dog owner and post some pics of your pooch!

Here are a few things you can do to keep your dog happy and healthy.
• Be sure they are up-to-date with all their vaccinations as well as monthly flea & tick and heartworm treatments.
• A good diet is very important. Make sure they eat right and have fresh water and clean bowls to eat out of everyday. Clean up after them everyday and maintain your yard so it’s free of parasites. Make sure your gates and fence are secure so they can’t get out.
• ID tags are very important just in case your dog does get away. Always make sure they have the proper up-to-date ID tags so you can be contacted.
• Spay and neuter your dogs to help control overpopulation.
• Keep them safe! Always keep them on leashes when walking in public, keep them warm on cold days and be sure they are cool on those “dog days of summer”. Never leave them out unattended for long periods of time! When you vacation without them, make sure they are left with a responsible kennel or family member.
• Exercise and training are very important for the body and mind. Dogs that get training and exercise regularly are much happier and less likely to develop behavioral issues.
Being a responsible dog owner means taking care of the whole dog—its body, mind and even the physical surroundings.