Celebrate Holistic Pet Day every day by feeding your dog good, nutritious foods. As Dr. Donna Spector says, “Let food be thy medicine”. She understands that food can’t fix everything but when you do have a dog with issues such as diabetes or digestive issues, most of the time a good diet can help rather than relying on just the use of drugs.

Homecooked food is great for dogs and cats with known food allergies or skin problems. Feeding your pet healthier foods can help with skin allergies and other medical issues. Keep in mind, diet can’t fix everything so you should always consult your vet before trying anything, especially if you have a pet with health issues.

It’s not only all natural, chemical-free foods that can keep your pet healthy but also daily exercise and training. We need to work the the mind as well as the body. It’s so important to exercise and train your dog every day!

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