Meet Tonkey. This Instagram famous pup, who seems to strongly resemble a very cuddly teddy bear, is actually 100% Shar Pei, although her followers seem to believe she is 100% bear.

Her cute bear-like resemblance is really just because she was born with a plush coat, which is rare for the Shar Pei breed. In this case, both of Tonkey's parents must have possessed a recessive gene for the breed to inherit such a fuzzy and cuddly coat.

Tonkey recently rose to Instagram fame with nearly 119,000 followers at only four months old. It gets better- her account has only been active for eight weeks! Tonkey's owner, Christine Park, created the Instagram account as a way to make friends with fellow dog-owners, but it seems that her pup has quickly surpassed her.

Tonkey seems to love the camera, and can be seen on her Instagram running errands, practicing the steps, taking baths, and playing fetch. This cuddly pup seems to have what it takes to rise to Instagram dog fame, already being featured on BuzzFeed and The Today Show.

Check out Tonkey's account on Instagram at bearcoat_tonkey. You will be glad you did!