Does your dog let you know when they have done something bad?

Have you ever come home to a torn up couch or trash all over and you start talking to your dog and they instantly give you the “I’m sorry” eyes?
Some behaviorist say that the dogs are just reacting to you body posture and tone of voice and they don’t feel guilty at all. But I’ve found that when they do something wrong while you are away as soon as you get home before you can say anything you know.
What do you think?
I remember making a sandwich for lunch one day and my Great Dane was laying on the other side of the kitchen, I turned for a moment to do something else and when I looked at my sandwich the meat was gone, bread and mayo still there. For a moment I thought I lost my mind, because I knew I put turkey on the bread. Then I see my dog hiding in the corner, he wouldn’t look at me. I laughed of course and told him it’s ok, only because he never normally does that I guess the turkey just got the best of him that day.
Do you have a guilty dog story to share with us?
Here are some fun pics of guilty dogs…