10 Dogs Who Are Beating the Heat

10 Dogs Who Are Beating the Heat


The dog days of summer are here! While some pups would prefer the cool temperatures of the indoors, others seem to not only enjoy it, but embrace it! Check out these ten Instagram famous dogs who are taking it all in.

1. Balki is a 3-legged Havanese who sustained a brachial plexus nerve injury after being hit by car. His quality of life improved greatly after following the recommendation to remove his limb and he is back to being the same happy dog he has always been. Here, Balki is seen lounging in the pool on a hot summer day. Follow Balki on Instagram to see how he defies the odds on his daily adventures.

Instagram: balkibones

2. Boss the French Bulldog is a 4-year-old French Bulldog who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. This adorable pooch, who has almost 200,000 followers, is full of confidence and sass and loves to roll around in the great outdoors. Boss can be seen here taking a dip in the water to cool off.

Instagram: bossthefrenchbulldog

3. Dagger is the pet of one of the few people who created Instagram. He is a fluffy Pom/Fox who is full of smiles. This cute pup seems to be very photogenic and loves to have his picture taken. With around 14,000 followers, Dagger is a must-see dog on Instagram! Here he is enjoying a hot, summer day on Santa Monica Beach

Instagram: dagger

4. Momo is a Border Collie who is not only famous on Instagram, but even is the star of a few books. Momo's owner, Andrew Knapp, loves to snap pics of his pup hiding in various locations across the country and let his followers "Find Momo". He can be seen playing with other animals, splashing through the water, or even checking out different attractions across the country with his owners. Here, he is seen in Nevada taking a big dip in the water to cool off. Momo the Border Collie is worth checking out!

Instagram: andrewknapp

5. Maddie the Coonhound shares a similar story to our friend, Momo. Maddie's owner, Theron Humphrey, decided to start the project "This Wild Idea", where he traveled across the United States photographing and interviewing people for an entire year. Maddie was by his side the entire time. On this trip, he noticed that Maddie had an ability to balance and pose on different objects in a variety of pictures, which led to his next project, "Maddie on Things". Here, Maddie is seen beating the heat by relaxing in the pool when they returned home from their big trip. Follow Theron Humphrey to see more amazing pictures of Maddie.

Instagram: thiswildidea

6. Corgnelius and Stumphrey are two Pembroke Welsh Corgi brothers who reside in Los Angeles, California. They are definitely famous with almost 50,000 followers on Instagram. They can be seen rolling around in the grass, going for walks, or just chilling on the couch. Here they are seen catching some shade from the hot summer rays. Follow Corgenlius and Stumphrey for some adorable Corgi lovin'.

Instagram: corgnelius

7. Barkley is a four-pound full bred Pomeranian who resides in Naples, Florida. Barkley is known for spreading love all over the globe and making friends with pups wherever he goes. Barkley is seen here, taking a dip in the pool to beat the hot Florida sun! This pup always seems to have a smile on his face. Follow Barkley on Instagram to see the cute pictures for yourself!

Instagram: barkleythepom

8. Doug the Pug is a three-year-old Pug living with his owner in Nashville, Tennessee. Doug the Pug has been featured on TIME, Huffington Post, Mashable, Buzzfeed, and Good Morning America and has almost half-a-million followers on Instagram. Talk about a famous Pug! Doug can be seen here floating on his raft while cooling off in the pool. Follow Doug the Pug on Instagram to keep up with his daily activities. You don't want to miss out on Doug!

Instagram: itsdougthepug

9. Comet and Scooter are Golden Retrievers brothers who are almost a year old and residing in New Jersey! They have been famous on Instagram since their puppy days and their 24,000 followers love seeing them grow up. They are cute as can be and love to swim! Here they are seen taking a dip in the lake at their family's lake home. These dogs seem to really love the water, with one post even showing one of the dogs sneaking in the backyard pool when they think no one is looking. These cute Golden's cannot be missed! Follow their Instagram to watch them continue to grow.

Instagram: comet_and_scooter

10. Last, but definitely not least, meet Toast. Toast is a King Charles puppy mill rescue with no teeth! Toast's tongue is always hanging out of her mouth, which only makes her cuter! Toast travels around the country, celebrates holidays, and enjoys hanging out on many different rafts in the pool, which she can be seen doing here. Toast, who has almost 300,000 followers on Instagram, is a pretty famous pup! She has also met some famous people herself, like NBA player Blake Griffin and Good Morning America News Anchor George Stephanopoulos.

Instagram: toastmeetsworld

These Instagram famous pups definitely know how to beat the heat! From relaxing in the shade to getting right in the water, they don't mess around with this summertime sunshine! Do your dogs enjoy the summertime? If so, what do they do to keep cool in the heat?

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