An adorable photo shared of two shelter dogs hugging seemed to be exactly what saved their lives on Monday, when they were just 12 hours away from euthanasia.

The picture captured the two dogs - Kala and Keira- embracing in a hug in their cage in a shelter in Atlanta. Kala's brown paws and arms can be seen wrapped about Keira's neck. The fear seems clear on their faces, almost like they were aware of what their day had in store.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, an area non-profit, shared this photo on their Facebook page in hopes of saving the dogs' lives, including how Kala and Keria would be put down that day unless someone offered to foster them or adopt them. They hoped that someone would step up and save these dogs. "If you've ever wanted to foster but just couldn't quite decide, now is the time to say YES!!" Angels Among Us said in their post.

And luckily, it worked. "Exactly 2 hours and 6 minutes. That's how long it took this amazing community of animals lovers to come together to save the lives of two canine friends," the post shared. "We just received word from our Angels volunteer that Kala and Keira are safely in the car and on their way to a vet -All thanks to you. From the time we posted on Facebook until the time the dogs were out of the shelter and safely in the car ... 2 hours and 6 minutes. That's how you take action!!"

The post, which was shared over 9,000 times on Facebook, helped to raise $3,400 for medical expenses for Kala and Keira.

The dogs were taken into a foster home for the time being and are currently still up for adoption. A second photo of two much happier dogs is now going viral as well. This great story not only shows how important it is to spay and neuter our animals, but also, the difference one can make in the adoption of an animal.