Being an avid dog rescue person, I have been following the story of Caitlyn, the dog found back on May 27th with her muzzle tapped shut.

When I saw the pictures I was a mix of emotions for this poor girl. Thankfully the town of North Charleston, SC took hold of things and began the efforts to help her get better. She is a 15 month old Staffordshire Bull Terry Mix who was a well know stray in the Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood of North Charleston. She was left on someone’s doorstep with black electrical tape tightly wrapped around her muzzle. They figure for at least 3 days. Caitlyn was unable to eat or drink and because the tape was so tight the staff of the Charleston Animal Society was afraid she would loose her tongue but thankfully most of it was able to be saved. After the surgery there was skin left sagging that needed to be taken care of as well.

She is currently in foster care and must wait adoption for at least a year due to the pending legal case. Her abuser was arrested and faces many years in prison and hefty fines as well.

Very happy to report that she is energetic and in good spirits. She has her own Facebook page and has even done some modeling with Charleston’s most attractive fire fighters for their annual charity calendar that benefits sick pets.

Caitlyn, now in a foster home, is doing just great, she is very outgoing and friendly but still is a bit shy with men. But if they get down to her level and have treats she warms up pretty quick! She even has a new friend another foster pup named Oreo.

Sources: ABC News and CNN

After the first surgery, before the reconstructive surgery to remove excess skin.

So many helping and loving people to aid in her recovery.

After the 2nd surgery doing better and better.

Here she is with her foster friend Oreo.

Playing with a toy and being happy!