Meet Tiki the cute Black Lab that like to eat crazy things. She loves hair ties and underwear it seems. Tiki was having some issues and things weren't going well, her owner took her to the vet and they discovered 62 hair ties and 8 pairs underwear! Thankfully, the surgery went well and Tiki is doing fine.

Dogs sometimes love to get into things when we aren't watching and eat things they shouldn't like Tiki did. Sadly, dogs have a high tolerance to pain and sometimes won't show symptoms until it's too late. If you have a sock eater or a dog that loves to dig into waste baskets here are a couple things to do:

  • Be sure to put all laundry items in a hamper with a lid, don't leave socks and other clothing laying out.
  • Make sure all waste cans also have a lid or are kept where your pup can't get to them, like and under cabinet waste can, they're great!
  • If your dog can't seem to get comfortable and is constantly up and down, panting heavy, they stop eating, upset stomach, these could be signs that something is wrong.

Remember, whenever you have a pet that just isn't themselves it's always best to be safe and call your vet.