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Gall bladder liver disease & treAtment

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    Gall bladder liver disease & treAtment

    What is your experience w/ denaMarin for liver? My 13 yr old sheltie has gall bladder disease which has seriously affected his liver  & now other organs. He is throwing up his L/D  please help! 

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    We strongly urge you to see veterinary assistance immediately. Please give us an update on your pup!  

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    The Denamarin may help support his liver.  I don't know that it will stop the vomiting.  Consult with your vet about that.  Sorry your dog is so sick.

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    There are some supplements and herbs which can be a big help -- but  much depends here on medical history  and  what your vet is doing medically.  

    Denamarin is a good product but it can be **very** hard to digest (and NutraMaxx Labs is aware of this) -- has your dog EVER kept the Denamarin down?  If not, you may want to ask your vet for Denosyl and Marin (same stuff but in separate products --often better tolerated this way).

    When the liver enzymes get astronomically high it creates nausea ...

    There is not much that pharmaceuticals can do for high liver values.  You may want to check out Dr. Jean Dodds' "Liver Cleansing Diet" - -- the link to the diet is in the paragraph regarding that.

    Essentially the gall bladder and liver are closely linked -- it is not impossible to get vastly high liver values down, if you are open to using alternative methods.  Things like SAM-e, milk thistle, other herbs.

    My best suggestion is for you to find a vet who does TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) -- they are VERY good at this.  I am *not* suggesting that you leave your vet -- not at all.  But rather add a vet who does "complimentary therapy" -- if you want to email me (I'm at work and don't have the other link here) I can help you a bit more.

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      I don't have personal experience with Denamarin but you can do a google search. Is the L/D a prescription diet for liver disease? This link is for a balanced cooked diet for liver disease originally formulated by Dr. Jean Dodds and tweaked (balanced) by Monica Segal;

     You need to consult with your vet before trying the cooked diet or the Denamarin. I agree with  Jackie and Dog Community; you need to have your vet check your dog ASAP; I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.