Types Of Dog Breeds

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    Types Of Dog Breeds

    What is the Exact Number of Dog Breeds in the World?

    There is no single organization which decides the exact number of dog breeds that the world has today, although there is one which comes close. This is the FCI or Fédération Cynologique Internationale or in English, it is simply World Canine Organization. It was in 1911 when the FCI was founded, with the main objective of exchanging of details between kennel clubs in various countries. Right now, the FCI is made of 84 countries as members, wherein one kennel club represents every country.

    As of the time of writing, a total of 332 dog breeds have been recognized by the FCI with the extra 11 provisional breeds. This is completely different from American Kennel Club that recognizes just 187 breeds right now.

    But the question still remains – how many dog breeds are really there? So far, 332 is the safest number because this is the number that most of the kennel clubs in the world currently recognize. But, the more complicated and accurate answer is that it will depend on the way you define a specific dog breed. Although the qualifications of a dog breed are strictly standardized by the kennel clubs, such standards could still vary depending on the specific club you will deal with.

    Popular Dog Breeds

    There are a lot of ambiguous dog breeds that you can find today, but there are some which top the lost more than the rest. These specific dog breeds are extremely popular that almost all people around the world have already heard of or seen them, or even live with them. The truth is, when you ask a person to conjure an image of a dog in their mind, there is a chance that it will be any of those famous breeds.

    The most popular breeds in the world could be easily found in homes, dog shows, and some are even hard workers in various types of fields. Check out some of the most well-known dog breeds out there right now together with the reasons behind their fame.

    Labrador Retriever

    An all-time favorite companion of families, the good natured Labrador Retrievers remain to be a favorite among dog owners. The breed is good natured with a pack mentality. Labrador Retrievers are known to originally come from Canada where they were breed for catching fish.

    German Shepherd

    Intelligent, fearless, and proud are some of the known traits of German Shepherd. These athletic dogs are at their happiest every time they are given some tasks to do and they have no inclination to be couch potatoes at all. This is why it is not a big surprise that they fit right into the military and police forces, while others serve as seeing-eye dogs.


    Popular for their half-bark, half-bowl beagles bay, these playful canines have around since the time of Romans. They are also regarded as among the world’s cutest dogs. This playful and fun pooch can be recognized right away with their coat of three colors and excessive amount of energy which doesn’t let up.

    Golden Retriever

    Who will not fall in love with these gentle creatures? Golden Retrievers love playtime, water, and people. The breed is a true darling of the crowd and is ideally suitable as rescuers, narcotics detectors, and emotional therapy dogs.

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    Sorry for my newbie question, I really wonder sometimes how people actually find the way to do some crossbreed, I mean something like, is that possible like let the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever live together and they will mate each other and produce a new breed or new kind of puppy, or is that everything happen in the lab?