Breed of the Week - Labrador Retriever

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    Breed of the Week - Labrador Retriever

    The Labrador Retriever is gentle, intelligent and the perfect family dog, for the right family of course. They require exercise and training, Labs are known for their great skills as retrievers in the hunting field, but also make excellent service dogs, seeing eye dogs and more. Retrievers will thrive with an active family. They have huge hearts and are willing to please their masters. Like with any breed, do your homework! Know the breed and understand what they need to make sure they fit in with your lifestyle.

    Do you have a Lab at home? Share your pics and why you chose a Lab with us!

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    Gotta love labs!

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    Love your pic of the week.  Rocky is a Lab X, first I have ever had in the family and he is a very loving boy.  He is always happy but especially when he has a chance to take laundry to the laundry room or pick something up and bring it to you.  Loves to be my foot stool :) too.  Since I have had my hip surgery he has been very attentive and lays right where I can prop my foot up on him.  He loves praise and gets it quite often.

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    I agree that labrador retrievers is an awesome and helpful breed. My dog Hummer likes to fetch my stuff and give it to me. He has this habit of giving me my slippers whenever I come home from work. When he was younger, we mistook his enthusiasm in literally digging in the garden caused us a lot of stress. But then my friend told me that he needed exercise and training. Eventually, we were able to put his excess energy to good use. :)

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    Yup i also have Labrador Retriever and i'm really happy to see your images and much happy to see Labrador Retriever is winning the bread of the week award.