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    Mechanical Angel
    My best friend just got one

    A puppy, or an adult dog?  Adult Chis are very different than babies... 
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    How big is Bear?? I would never, ever own a TINY (>5) dog with a LARGE dog....accidents happen. 


    I had Cheyanne,Lillie,Joker, and Fynn around Kujo! And lots of clumsy foster pups around her. She learned to stay out of the way after her accident with Jayde.

    Emphasis added by me.

    See? That's what I was talking about, "after the accident". Not saying you should/shouldn't own a Chi w/ large breed dogs- it's just something to think about before you make your decision. And me, personally, would never own a dog that is under 5lbs with a dog that is over 100lbs and likes to play rough. Those accidents that can happen, and I know from experience first hand (a Chi client of mine) that sometimes a broken leg turns into multiple surgeries and lots of $$$$.

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    She learned to stay out of the way after her accident with Jayde.


     Of course she learned to stay out of the way. Look what happened when she didn't.

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     The one thing that no one has yet mentioned is that many Chi's are not all that great with kids, especially if they haven't been socialized up the wazoo with them.  And, kids are often over solicitous of dogs, which can make a toy dog very nervous.  When you get a Chi puppy, you can expect it to live for a long time, a time which could coincide with your childbearing years, so think long and hard before getting one.  I rarely like to see toy dogs in homes with kids under age 10-12, and although I know that some dogs do enjoy their kids, I still prefer something sturdier, and pain insensitive, for the young ones.

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    I have a Chi with my Am Staff.  They get along great! Gypsy has ZERO dog aggression and Radar is VERY respectful of her--he won't even walk in front of her during our walks.  He knows to stay out of her way when she starts doing zoomies in the house.

    Radar, as most of you know, is a rescue.  He was the super skinny little guy nobody wanted. He is a senior dog (about nine years old) and was abused.  I brought him home and immediately spent $500.00 getting his teeth fixed. He had HORRIBLE teeth, which is common for this breed. He had abscesses, loose teeth and teeth that fell out during cleaning, ones that needed to be pulled and a thorough cleaning. He is also a horrible example of a Chi (conformation wise) Would I trade him for a show quality, AKC puppy? NO WAY!

    He truly appreciates his new life an all that we do for him.  He loves to snuggle with all of us and  plays with us like a larger dog. He guards as much as Gypsy and, although it's humorous to see such a little guy trying to intimidate the Fed Ex guy, he doesn't realize his size.

    Sooo, if you DO change your mind about getting a Chi, hit Petfinder and see what is available in your area.  The Chis in my area were about $300.00 and were altered, current on vaccinations AND had had their dental work already done.  What a bargain and you will have saved a life on top of that. How can you beat that? Smile

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    Hello Everyone,
    I got my Chihuahua from the H. Society , I absolutely adore my little girl , vet said she maybe 2 or  3 at the oldest because of her teeth are so clean and no built up plaque. At first she wet my bed on her first night , I did not yell at her or reprimand her . I am a believer in Positive Reinforcement  .But the next night I made her sleep on the floor by herself . Then slowly as the days went by , I let her back on my bed little by little she never wet my bed again. She was not hard to potty train at all took me less then 2 weeks ,
     My belief on that is because she was in a shelter for quiet some time ,That she was lonely .Hart broken . And afraid , so when she found a home she was so desperate to be loved and have a home she obeyed quickly , Chihuahua's are actually very intelligent dogs. They are also very stubborn and  possessive , But loyal and loveable as can be , my only complaint is that she does not bark . she will bark if outside and see another dog . but that's it  .She believe that anyone that comes to our house is there to meet or visit her . I know crazy right ??? so how can I get her to bark ??? One Warning Chihuahua's Are very energetic and love to play and take walks and lay in the sun , They hate baths tho