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Health & Grooming
Dry Eye Questions
Can anyone dealing with Dry Eye in their dog please tell me about their experience with this horrible affliction and how you and your dog are dealing/living with it? What medication(s)/treatments did your vet prescribe and any other tips/advice that you can share would be greatly appreciated. I don't...
Giardia in the grass! HELP!
How do I get rid of Giardia in the environment, specifically the grass? Our 8 month old shepherd has had it for the last few months and the vet has given him medication for it twice but I think he keeps re- infecting himself when he goes outside. We have been picking up his stool and spraying the spot...
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Sick Husky. . .NO vomiting, NO diarrhea, NO abnormal stools but anorexia...
Greetings All. This is my first post. And I am desperate to help my gal Blaze. She's been to our fabulous vet and a board certified internist. W e are all stumped. I will keep this as concise as possible. She's an 11 1/2 year old husky. She was a normal acting and eating dog until recently. Her...
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Need advice !!! And answers!!!
I have a rottweiler that is obviously p reganant . She is on day 58 from first breeding.I work at a veterinarian clinic so I took her to get x Ray today and to my surprise nothing showed on the x ray no skulls backbones just lots of poop. The doctor that is there as a temp. Said she didn't know what...
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Chronic vomiting with no obvious answers
Hi all, I've been having some problems with my dog vomiting over the past two months or so on an irregular basis and I can't seem to figure it out. I have taken her to the vet and they have put her on a "treatment plan" but I really don't feel like they're treating her...
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Sophie Girl
Now about golden retriever, Sophie. When we adopted Moose and met his foster (former owner) *** asked if he gave me his e-mail address if I would let him know how Moose took the 100 mile trip home with us and how he was doing. I said sure. And I did just that and attached some pictures I took when we...
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Okay, I told of the loss of Honey and how we got the blind Great Pyrenees, Shaggy and his death. We only had that awesome dog for 3 1/2 weeks before hemangiosarcoma took his life. The Texas Great Pyrneees Rescue told us wecould either have our money back, or chose another dog. No question, we wanted...
i need help i dont know why i cant post a photo in the gallery, when i press post it says "duplicate post" and i dont what its happening hahaha, please help me :(
What is wrong?
Glenda, I tried to reply to your post and it would not let me. Kept saying Validation Error, whatever that is. I was saying I don't know here or how to find Nov. chat. How do I find it?
Hello again!
I have been "lost" for a good while. I had trouble getting my posts to post and I finally gave up. Truthfully, I can't remember the last time I was here, so I guess I better go back a ways. Sorry if any of this is old news. First I lost my beautiful golden retreive3r, Honey Aug. 13...
spay that led to death
hi everyone, i am extremely new to this community page. i was wondering if any dog owners lost their dogs due to a torn blood vessel during the surgery. sadly, i lost my 8 month old pitbull last night after taking her to get spayed in the morning. autopsy records showed that she was bleeding internally...
Please Help-Atopic Dermatitis During Fall
hi everybody! I am new and not quite sure how to work everything on here yet, but I hope that I am posting in the right place. My 3 year old weiner/lab i s breaking out in hives, which I believe to be from atopic dermatitis- after all of the stuff I read online, that's all that seems to make...
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my dog chewed the tissue from vaginal hyperplasia
hi, i need help... has anyone had the same happening to their puppy?.. my dog was in her first heat and she had the vaginal tissue protruding, but unfortunatelly before we got a chance to cover it, she chewed it, now it looks like sh redded pieces of tissue . we have to get a surgery, but they're...
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Giardia in the yard
How do you get rid of it? I had one 6 Month old with it, treated then he seemed fine. Next my 5 month old got it (treated both at the same time). It appeared to be gone for a couple weeks, now ire back. I clean the dog poo daily (3dogs), but they run and play and often step in it before I get to it....
Had to take lil Gracie back to the vet today. We got her last Sat, had her @ the vet Mon already....had runny, sometimes bloody poop. The vet said it was changed on environment, water, etc...told me to give her 2cc Pepto, twice a day. We did that, by Tues afternoon, she hadn't pooped judgement...
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Sticky fluid from her uterus
Today, I noticed that my pet, Samira ( Rot 5yrs )
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Possible allergy issues
Could you please share your advice/experience with allergies? Sadie is a 2 1/2 year old hound mix. Recently, she got a hot spot on her hind quarter, rash/pinkness on her belly and underarm area. She also has various itchy, pink spots on other parts of her body. (like a little cut on her leg ) I took...
How to naturally remove tick from dogs?
Hi,I'm Chris, I'm new here, I am a volunteer for an animal rescue charity org here in Cebu, Philippines. I rescued 2 dogs the 2 days ago from a homeowner whose house got burned down in one of the slums here, she called me to collect her dogs but the poor things are riddled with fleas and their...
9 week old - mucus in soft stool in crate at night
my 9 week old pup is crate trained, and sleeps in her crate at night. The last 3 nights, she has defecated in her crate twice a night. I put her on brown rice and boiled chicken for 48 hours, but the problem continues. Help please