Different Dog Breeds to Suit Your Unique Lifestyle Choices

Raising and caring for a dog is serious and hard work, pretty much like raising a child. If you have a good idea of the temperament and the needs of your pup, you will be better able to train and socialize him. This, in turn, will help him grow into a sociable and well-adjusted dog.

The basic temperament, nature and physical characteristics of a pooch depend on the breed. Almost all breeds have strong and distinct characteristics that set them apart from each other. A dog DNA test will get you more information if you are choosing a mix-breed. Once you are aware and educated about these characteristics, you will also be able to make smarter buying or adopting decisions.

It will be best to choose a dog that suits your lifestyle and habits. This will help you enjoy your canine friend's company and provide him optimal care and attention.

Here are a few breeds that you can choose according to your lifestyle and family requirements.

Best Breeds for Families

If you enjoy a big family, then an energetic big dog will be suited for your needs. Big dogs also fit well in households that offer plenty of open space for canine companions to get their regular dose of exercise.

Golden Retrievers are a great option for families with kids. They are medium-energy dogs who enjoy the company of kids. Retrievers are gentle and friendly, and their cheerful temperament makes them a popular breed among dog owners. Labrador Retrievers are playful and recommended by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as one of the best dogs for kids. Though regular exercise is essential, they do not require rigorous routines or miles-long walks.

German Shepherds are also ideal big dogs for families with kids. They are very loyal and devoted, and can be trusted companions for kids once the bond is established. German Shepherds require plenty of exercise and robust early-stage training. They are energetic, protective and physical dogs. Go for this breed only if you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle and there is enough room in your home for your furry friend to run around. Also, remember that there are different lines of the breed, so do your research before deciding on the best German Shepherd breed type for your family. American show lines are found to be comparatively more laid-back and will be suitable for a moderately active lifestyle.

Best Breeds for Apartment Living

When getting a pooch, the size of the home matters a great deal. Small apartments may not suit a high-energy and noisy dog. Also, dogs with good social skills will adjust better to apartment-living, where he will probably run into a lot of neighbors and their dogs.

English Bulldog is medium-sized and not very fond of exercise. So, if you'd rather binge-watch Netflix over the weekend than take a stroll in the park, then this breed will keep you good company. Your dog will also be calm and unruffled, but courageous and strong when the situation demands for it.

Shi Tzu is regal and stunning in his looks. He also loves being pampered and adored. If you have the required time on your hand to invest in grooming, then this breed is just right for apartment living. The breed is small-sized and does not require intense exercise. A short walk every day is all that your pooch will require to stay happy. Shi Tzu is also playful and outgoing and hence, is recommended if you have kids at home.

If you crave for a big dog regardless of how small your condo is, then Great Dane is the breed you should go for. The American Kennel Club called Great Dane King of Dogs primarily due to their calm, friendly, noble and loyal nature. They can grow quite tall, often reaching eye-level with humans, and weigh around 100 pounds or more. They are athletic, but inherently lazy. Even if you skip the daily run for a day or two, your dog will be quite happy to laze on the couch. But, do keep in mind that the breed does require regular exercise for optimal well-being. If you can ensure that, then a Great Dane will make for a great roommate.

Best Breeds for Active Lifestyle

If you are an outdoor enthusiast whose idea of the perfect weekend involves a trek in the mountains, then your ideal canine companion must be a high-energy athletic breed.

Siberian Husky loves the outdoors as much as any human outdoor junkie. The medium-sized breed has a beautiful thick coat that can keep him warm even in the coldest winters. This dog is highly-athletic and absolutely loves long hikes, treks, trail runs and camping trips. He is free-spirited, extremely intelligent and playful. Siberian Huskies are also sociable and will get along easily with family members and other dogs. But, they are related to the wolf family and have a strong prey drive, which can pose danger to cats or rabbits, or other smaller animals at home.

Collie, Rhodesian Ridgeback, German Shorthair Pointer and Australian Cattledog are other perfect options for outdoor enthusiasts.


Choosing the right breed is only the first step in your life as a dog parent. Commitment, care and love are all necessary for any pup to flourish and grow into a fabulous canine companion.

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