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Different training styles for different breeds - Weimeraner

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Different training styles for different breeds - Weimeraner
  • Hey there, I am looking for suggestions to help teach a young Weim to walk nice and gently.  I only have her 3 days a week, M/W/F and she is pulling a lot and doesn't seem to settle into a place for the walk.  She is constantly jumping from one place to another.  ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING will catch her attention but she doesn't give chase so looking and moving on is fine.  She listens, has a bit of trouble with a "down stay" but won't wander very far but will sit down when told to.  So, I know she is teachable but I'm having trouble getting her to settle in for our walks. 

     BTW we are using a 'pinch" collar because that is what the owner uses and has requested.  So, since she is what I would consider a "soft neck" breed I use the pinch collar pretty sparingly and will use words to bring her back from pulling.  When I do she will usually settle down for a few minutes but then she is right back to bouncing around.  We've been walking for about 5 months now and I would have thought that she would have "gotten" it by now like her sister the lab but nope...not my Weim.  So, it would be great if you can help me figure out what I'm missing so we can both enjoy our walks more. 

     Thanks, Terri

  •  Tell the owner to check out this Weim: http://domorewithyourdog.com/pages/domorewithyourdog.html.  Trained without a pinch collar.  The only thing a pinch collar does for most dogs is make their necks hurt.  Try this instead, even if you have to leave the collar on: http://vimeo.com/13110409.

  • If she's been pulling into a pinch collar for 5 months and made no progress either it is not fitted properly or not being used properly or both.  I would try an Easy Walk harness since they are easy to put on and use and don't really require a lot of desensitization like some of the head halters.  If the owner wants the dog to wear a pinch let it wear the pinch and use the Easy Walk.

  • My Gracie, English Pointer pulls in a pinch collar during a walk. She actually pushes through anything that causes her discomfort. The only thing that really works well is a head collar. I have a "Canny Collar" it hooks in the back of the neck. She freaks out and fights a gentle leader head collar. I think that it is a physical restraint and that is why it works. It is completely loose when the leash is slack and pulls her nose downward when she pulls and she has no power pulling against her nose. It also has the option of releasing the loop around her nose and walking on the regular collar when she chooses not to pull. We are about 1/2 and 1/2. In doors, she has the most beautiful attention heal that you can imagine. When she is outside, the critter scents rule. Nothing works better and believe me, I've tried everything.
  •  I know this thread is five months old, diane303, but I commend you for using a more humane tool for walking your dog.  You may think you've "tried everything" but I usually find that people think they've done that until they discover something that works;-))  Try watching these videos: http://foundations4lifetraining.blogspot.com/2010/11/shaping-polite-walking-with-high-rate.html.  Also, in the meantime, while you're training the LLW, teach a good "leave it" (http://foundations4lifetraining.blogspot.com/2010/06/default-leave-it.html) and a really good recall: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VnLVm2GhQw.  The YouTube of Leslie is just a clip.  Get the DVD: http://www.dogwise.com/itemdetails.cfm?ID=DTB810P.  The combination of those skills will help you have a dog that can resist the scents.  But, it takes some time training to have her "get" that you are way more interesting than the scents.  I think you may be having trouble because you've tried to go from great attention heel inside to great attention heel inside (where the environment is boring and YOU are interesting), too quickly without solidifying through proofing.  Maybe give it another go with the clicker and some cool reinforcements, and see what happens.  If you need training help outdoors, find a coach at Truly Dog Friendly, or through KPCT.