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Help! My puppy won't stop barking at night in her crate

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Help! My puppy won't stop barking at night in her crate
  • I have a 16 week old lab puppy. We have had her for 5 weeks and she has been in her crate from the very beginning. She whined a little when I first put her in there but has since stopped that. She has always woke up around 2-4 in the morning and cried so I take her out to potty. She goes potty and I put her back in the crate and go back to bed. Now for the last week she whines to go out and when I put her back in the crate she starts barking and whining and won't stop. This went on for 2 hours this morning without stopping. I have her crate in the game room next to her buddy who is in his crate. What can I do????? I am despirate and need sleep................

  • Try ear plugs.  Seriously.  Completely ignore the little dickens until she is QUIET.  That's the only time she gets to come out.

  •  Honestly, I agree with ear plugs. If your sure that its not a cry for a potty run, ignore. Ari did something similar to us at one point. She had always been crated, then she decided to try to bark, whine, howl and VIOLENTLY throw herself at the crate in order to be let out. It was scary, frustrating and everyone was sleep deprived (to say the least). We didn't relent and then one day it clicked in, that she wasn't going to get her way and be let out unless she was quiet and relaxed.

  • Sharon I know that well!  Nikon actually rolled his crate.  DH was sleeping on the couch with the cushions over his head.

    Anyway, my advice is to basically exercise that puppy until she drops.  Run around with her, play fetch, anything like that for about an hour before bed.  If she has to potty, carry her out, and carry her back in.  I have a box fan that runs in our room all the time, maybe it helps with puppies.

  • Get some earplugs and stick with it! You'll be glad you did.