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housetraining regression?

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housetraining regression?
  • In the month that I've had Zack he has been a dream as far as house training goes.  I just showed him where to go and as long as I got him out in time, he would go only outside.  If there was an accident in the house it was because I didn't get him out soon enough.  Now fast forward...he just turned 6 months old and is now peeing and pooping in the house.  Sometimes the volume of pee is large and sometimes it's just a sprinkle.  He is peeing right on the floor.  Same with the pooping and I haven't changed his schedule at all.  He pooped in the house twice today in addition to 3 times outside and he peed twice in the house yesterday and once today.  What is going on??

  • If there's nothing medically wrong then he has probably just regressed. When that happens you just have to go back to basics and try again. But I recommend a vet visit just in case..

    I'm sure some one will come along with better advice but that's just my two cents Smile 

  • One:  Vet visit.  ANY noticeable change in toilet habits warrants a vet visit IMO.

    Two:  Make sure you are using the irght kind of cleaner.

    Three:  Is anything in his life stressing him out right now?  That's a common cause for house soiling.  Any big changes?  A new addition to the family, a change in the household routine, a change in his food...?  Try to identify it and then help him to cope with it.  Rescue Remedy might be worth a try.  If he doesn't have a crate you could try introducing one, very carefully.  Does he have lots of chewies?  Chewing is a great stress reliever.  How much exercise does he get?

    Four:  Pretend he is a puppy again and give him a refresher in house training - take him out more often and reintroduce high value rewards when he goes in the right place.


    Hope that helps Smile 

  • gah!! he peed again right over the old spot from yesterday.  I used nature's miracle on it but it takes a couple of days to evaporate to work, and he keeps peeing right over it so it doesn't get a chance to get clean.  He had just gone out an hour before.   I could take him to the vet, but I'm sure they'll find nothing wrong.  They never did with Zoe and I had the same problem with her that lasted for over a year.  It's so frustrating.  There really haven't been any major changes in his life that I can think of.  Outside he marks a lot on walks.  Maybe that's what he is doing inside?



  • Could be.  How much exercise does he get and how many chewies doe she have?  Have you tried feeding him via a Kong or similar?  Have you tried Rescue Remedy? Have you done Potty 101 with him?  Tethering him to you to keep him AWAY from that spot so he CAN'T cover it whil Natures Miracle works? 

    Sounds like he is mildly anxious, or stressed.  Fix that and your problem is almost fully solved. 

  • Are you saying that Zack went poop 5x in one day ? Thats a lot for a little dog. What are you feeding and how much?

  • I think he is pooping so much because..... he is eating it Ick!  and it is coming right back out again.  It's become a vicious cycle.

    Sometimes the only way I know he pooped in the house is because suddenly his breath will smell like poop even though there is none to be seen Tongue Tied.  I'm very well aware that this is my fault for not supervising him 100% of the time.    I think the constant pooping in the house is what is making him think it's now ok to eliminate in the house and he starting peeing as well.

     He is eating 3/4 of a cup of food a day (Purina Pro Plan, soon to be switching over to Orijen).

  •  That seems like a lot of food for a baby. Tootsie, my 22lb. corgi gets 1 cup a day.

  • I would definitely keep him tethered, crated, gated, or x-penned so you can see him, or at least know he cannot be getting into things and has limited access. 

  • I am starting to think the peeing is marking behavior.  Last night we went to agility class and he "marked" all the agility equipment.  He has been marking a lot more on walks now, and I just caught him sniffing the carpet in the house and then sprinkling urine right on the rug right in front of me, probably on top of an old urine stain from when Zoe wasn't yet housebroken (not much I can do about those old stains but pull up the rug entirely, she was very difficult to potty train!). He did not do this before and I'm wondering if it has to do with his hormones now kicking in.  I was going to wait until Zack was a year old before neutering to let him develop but now I don't know what to do!

  • jenns
    I was going to wait until Zack was a year old before neutering to let him develop but now I don't know what to do!

    Have you considered using belly bands in the house?

  • I would keep him tied to you at all times. When you can't be right with him - crate him. It's not ok to potty in the house, and he needs to learn that. Keep him confined to one part of the house- and gradually allow him more freedom. Treat him like an 8 weeks old puppy. Belly bands are a really good tip too - I've seen them do wonders to makers.

    When you are walking, try giving a 'leave it' command, and keep walking. I don't allow Casey to mark when we are walking, it doens't make for an enjoyable time. He pees near the beginning, and that's it. No dog NEEDS to mark. Casey gets along just fine without it.

    How big is Zack? Puppies eat more food than adult dogs do. My little lab mix pup eats about 1 cup of Orijen a day - split into two meals. She poops twice, after each meal. Works very well - she's pretty much housetrained.

  •  i totally agree with the constant supervision/leash tied to you thing and the belly bands. I've seen the belly bands work well, they take awhile, but the dog will learn to stop peein in them.  I'd suggest getting more than one - or more than one liner, so you can have one on hand while washing the other.

  • Maybe try this article. I used this when potty training. Go to Information and the link is there. I don't have the exact page.