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Commands & Hand Signals
  • I need an alternate command for "weave".. it sounds too much like "leave" 

    I also need to figure out a hand signal for "wait" I use a one finger pointed up for my other girls, but Astra confuses that with the finger wiggle for her "wave" command. The trainer wants me to do a hand pointed down wave in her face type thing for wait. Looks like a shaking the hand dry type thing. I don't like it, its too close to what I use for "touch" 

    Astra is very OCD and things need to be clear and concise for her training. 

    Suggestions would be much appreciated!! 

  • For weave I usually end up saying GO weave!  So the emphesis is on the "go!" whereas with "leave it!" the emphesis is on the "leave".

    For "wait" or "stay" (stay means I'm coming back, wait means the dog will be given another command like a come) I hold my hand/palm up flat and still.

  • I use the hand/palm up flat for "stay" The trainer wants something different for "wait"

    It probably wouldn't matter for the other girls but for Astra... she's very much into routine and needing things clear... sometimes I think she might be a little bit special. 

  • any other ideas out there? 

  • For wait, what about a fist held out then make a clockwise circle.I like Go weave too.


  •  The fist is a good idea for wait.  For weave, I've heard people say "poles" or "noodle" though noodle sounds really funny.  Other people make a "shhhhhhh" sound for the weaves.

  • The funniest weave cue I've heard is "get your bunnies!"  Then as the dog goes through the poles the handler just kept going, "bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny!"  It is hillarious to watch.

    I say either "go weave" or "weave it" and then, usually, "get it, get it, get it, get it" through the poles to encourage drive & speed (spoken in a high/fast voice).

    I have never had any dog have a problem distinguishing between weave & leave.  That said, you shouldn't name an obstacle until the dog already knows it -- so you shouldn't be telling your dog "go weave" until the dog reliably does at least 6 poles consistently in practice.  Otherwise you could be naming a faulty performance.

    I use the one finger point for my waits and start line stays -- I've never had my dogs confuse it with another cue like shake or wave.  They really do learn that agility is entirely its own thing.