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still pee's an poops in house

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still pee's an poops in house
  • I need help!  I have a 11 month old, male, fixed, English Sheep Dog. He is a wonderful dog but he feels he can pee and poop in the house

    whenever he wants.  We cage him when we are not home which isn't very often.  The longest he is by himself is for maybe 3 hours 3 times a week.  I have tried everything.  I am anal about my house smelling like dog pee and poop.  I have even tried the cleaners that are made to stop the dog from going in the house, that did not work.  I have owned 6 dogs in my lfe and never had such a hard time training them to go outside.  Can anyone give me some advice.  My husband and I love him to death but we have been putting up with this since he has been 8 weeks old.  People tell me he is still young and will out grow this.....I hope so.  Any advice or tips are welcome.


    Thank you in advance,


  • I had an 8 month old that did the same thing. We had to go back and repeat potty training 101. I used a crate and within a week she had it down. Good luck!

  • what measures have you taken so far on house training this dog? if you could elaborate a little, it would be easier to  give you good advice Smile

  • I started out with puppy pads only because the breeder did so and said that has always worked for her.  It took about three weeks to get the pad outside and I left one out there, worked for one week.  When we are home he is taken out every 2 hours.  He is caged when we are not home but like I stated before he is only left along maybe 3 hours three times a week.  We tried telling him no and showing him his mistake then taking him out, we tired to just clean it up without him seeing us do so(advice from the vet), breeder said to yell no at him and take him right out, we have even tried giving him a treat when he goes outside and lots of praise.  Nothing is working.  I have had 6 dogs in my life and he is the hardest dog to train.  We love him and will not give him up but we just need advice and maybe someone 's advice will work with him.


    Thanks in advance,


  • hmmm... my first question:

    when he is not crated (so when you are home) how closely are you supervising him?

    the trick is to NEVER give them a chance to go without you there. everytime he goes inside the house and noone is there to correct the behaviour right that second he learns that it is ok to go in the house. so if you have been giving him the chance to go inside the house without your immediate correction, then i suggest you start immediately. this means you watch him like a hawk! if you have to go to the bathroom for 1 minute and dont want him with you, you crate him. when he is not crated and you are busy doing stuff, leash him to you. you can tie the leash to your belt. this way he is always always under your supervision.

    when he does go and tell him no, what is his reaction? some people do the "scoop-and-run". basically when they see the dog "go" they immediately scoop it up and run outside with him, to have him go outside. this might work.

    personnally i will just tell the dog NO. (i live on the 10th floor, so the scoop and run is sorta problematic).

    everytime my dogs go outside, they get lots of praise. i tried giving treats as well, but found that with my dogs it ended up distracting from the "task". i think it is important that you take the dog out into your yard on leash. it's strictly "business". no running around to play. when it's potty time, there is no play, until he goes. AFTER you can let him run and play as a reward.

    also: use an ezymatic cleaner to clean up the accidents. you don't want your dog detecting where he went before!

    sorry, if this was kind of chaotic advice. if you have more questions, feel free to ask. :)

  • let me try to help, it sounds like you are doing a pretty good job with what you have said the reason there are so many methods of training is that not all dogs respond to the same thing. if your dog is crate trained, this will be perfect for you to at least try. this is how i train most puppies. with an 11 month old dog you should easily get away with 2 hour time frames between going outside. if you have a potty word like go potty, use it, if you dont it is time to establish one. i us "Go Potty" if your dog does not have a saying that you use to tell it to go, say something like (do your duisness, go potty, tinkle, hurry, etc.... use one phrase, the shorter the better) remember dont actually say it until your dog actually starts going(if it does not know a phrase already) then say it several times it an upbeat voice while your dog is going, when your dog is done, treat with food, praise, and petting. now if your dog does not go when you take it outside ON A LEASH (i say this because you are going out for one thing, to potty, not to play or run around the yard, when you are potty training that is all that is alowed to take place.) take your dog inside without praise and put it in its crate. 30 min later go get your dog and take it outside on a leash again. if it goes say your phrase only while the dog is going until it learns the phrase then praise, if the dog does not go, it goes back into the kennel for another 30 minutes, repeat until the dog goes outside, then the dog can come hang out with the pack for another 2 hours or 1 hour or whatever is needed with a constant eye on your dog. then repeat the steps if this is not clear, let me know what you do not understand and i will clear it up for you.

     remember, consistancy is key!

    PS if your dog does happen to get one by on you, take it right outside if the dog does not go, it stays in it kennel until it does. this may seem like alot of kennel time, but it usually does not take long before you can trust your dog in your house again, but dont give to much freedom to soon, one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

    sorry for the spelling errors...lol


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