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Hylands Calms

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Hylands Calms
  •  Does anyone know if Hylands Calms is the same at Calms Forte?  I went to GNC and thought this is was the product because I couldn't remember the exact name.  I was going to give my dog a tablet along with Valeian.  If it is along the same line, how much would I give a 55lb dog?

  • "Hylands" is the brand name (like Kleenex or Juicey Juice).  It's a good brand of homeopathics with a myriad of different products and blends.

    I *think* they still just make plain "Calms" because some folks have used it for a zillion years and like it that way.  Calms "Forte" -- the only difference in them is the "forte" has an extra small ingredient that makes it dissolve a bit better *in the stomach*.

    Now that doesn't make sense if you don't use homeopathics much -- but 99.9999% of all homeopathics are meant to dissolve IN THE MOUTH. (under the tongue usually - absorbed directly into the bloodstream from the mucus membranes in the mouth). 

    Calms was originally formulated for human babies -- and of course you can't tell a little baby to leave something under their tongue so Calms was formulated to go to the tummy.  I think Calms Forte was just an "improvement" but people were used to the old formula so they kept both.

     There's actually a new formula "Calms Forte For Kids" that is back to the "under your tongue" soft tiny pellets and frankly I don't think they work well at all (not for the dogs and not for me!)

    How much?

    2 tablets.  Same dose for a chihuahua or a rottweiler.  Or a tiny human baby or a Sumo Wrestler!!  Same dose. 

    Again -- that makes no sense except to say it's a homeopathic so it's already diluted hundreds and hundreds (and sometimes thousands and thousands) of times broken down to its cellular components -- rather than a medicine which causes an 'effect' in the body, a homeopathic simply 'nudges' the body to do what it really *wants* to do anyway.  (i.e., relax and/or sleep when it's stressed and needs relief)

    YES you can give Calms with valerian (I often do).  Valerian is an herb -- whole different thing.  Herbs *are* medicine --- and valerian is a relaxant.  But yes-- those two work together really well.  Particularly if you're dealing with a really high level  of stress or excitement. 

    Valerian has more a tonic effect -- meaning "more" doesn't make it work harder, it makes it work a bit longer (the body takes what it needs a bit at a time) -- as long as it's a good brand most capsules you'd give two.

    BUT if you bought the GNC valerian, if I recall correctly that's already labelled as "concentrated"???  It used to be, I think.  In that case I'd only give one gelcap (I'm pretty sure it used to be gelcaps, not just the ground herb in a capsule??).

    But if you bought Hylands "Calms" rather than "Calms Forte" you are FINE.  Either is great, and honestly I've never noticed a big difference either giving to the dogs or for me.

    Calms is routinely used by people who work a swing shift to help them sleep in daylight, or for people who occasionally need a bit of help going to sleep.  Both formulas work really well on children, adults or dogs.    But you can get conflicted just reading the darned label -- you'd think there was no difference in them (and there almost isn't) but it's labelled "Sleep-Aid" and then just below that "Non-Drowsy Formula".

    *grin*  Marketing!! LOL

  • There are two products also that are formulated specifically for dogs.  One is Nutri-Calm, the other is Pro-Quiet.  Also, there's a book out for dogs that need calming: http://www.amazon.ca/Chill-Out-Fido-Calm-Your/dp/1929242638

    If you have a dog that you think needs this type of assistance, do think about having a thyroid panel done, too, just in case.