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My ten pound poodle won't stop licking his paws, licking the air, scratching his head...HELP!

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My ten pound poodle won't stop licking his paws, licking the air, scratching his head...HELP!
  • This all started back in February of this year - he's only 2!  We brought him to the vet, changed his food, only giving him hypoallergenic treats - it's so frustrating.  He's causing sores on the outside of his front legs, so we wrapped them today.  He's creating a flat top/mop top on the top of his head; almost like a bald spot.  In bed at night, we are constantly nudging him, to stop licking.  We have a vet appointment on Saturday - any suggestions?  He plays outside, so I wonder if it's allergies or what....HELP!

  • wow I know how frustrating this is for you !!  The vet visit is essential.  While there please don't allow the vet to "skimp"  some do , especially on weekend visits. request Labs be done, have his thyroid checked, his teeth and gums,  the vet won't be able , ( I am guessing) to check his eyes totally BUT make sure he/she does do the best check up on the eyes as possible.  If there are skin sores anticipate antibiotics to encourage the healing, but at the same time ask the vet if they think a skin scraping should be done??  Some alergies are just that , others turn out to be skin fungi or infection.  Make sure you know exactly what the dog is eating right down to his treats. I often bring the cut out from a package so I have the list of ingred in front of us.  Steroids are the knee jerk treatment for allergies, but that does not cure them or even really id them. So if your budget allows ask your vet how to structure an allergy test. Some are as simple as taking the dog off of everything he normally eats and feeding him a totally bland diet , then slowly reintroducing foods.

    Make a list and if need be check with your landscaping folks if you live in an apartment or condo etc. They may have treated the common areas with a fertilizer or herbicide and you don't know, even bug treatments can be legally used without notifying you but your tiny guy could be walking through a toxic time bomb.

    wrapping his legs was a good thing to do and if you need to stick a hat on the little guy.... I know you are thinkning WHATTTTT???? I have a 9 yr old rr who refuses to leave healing surgical wounds alone. we went from a muzzle ( I hated it but it helped for 2 weeks) to dressing him in scrubs and a t shirt to prevent him from acessing the wound and making matters worse. He is almost 100% now and for an 80 pound dog to be dressed up is rather embarassing. But If it kept him from hurting himself it was worth it.Best of Luck and please keep everyone posted..


    Bonita of Bwana

  • Have you tried Hill's z/d prescription diet?  Willow didn't even go on it for skin reasons but it's made her skin and coat much improved. 

  • It could be anixety, maybe if you ramp up the exercise you will see a difference.  The Vet check is the first thing I would do too.  My GF's Maltese is a licker too and its anixety, if she give her some good exercise it makes a big difference.  Her dog licks the air, the doors, herself - everything.  Good Luck!

  • it could be allergies..have you done a full thyroid panel to eliminate that as a possibility?