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Puppy Peeing in Crate! PLEASE HELP!

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Puppy Peeing in Crate! PLEASE HELP!
  • I have a 6 month old female miniature dachshund.  I got her at 8 weeks old and began crate training her from the beginning.  She did great for the first month, only peeing a few times in her crate.  After having a reaction to a shot, she had diarrhea in her crate and made a huge mess in it.  This was the beginning of her problems.  For the next few weeks she would poop in her crate 2-3 times a week and then began peeing in it as well.  At this time I started feeding her in her crate and the problem subsided for about a week.  Since then (about 2 months ago) she has quit pooping in her kennel, but still pees almost daily in her kennel.  I've done extensive research online and have tried EVERYTHING it seems.  She is completely housebroken and knows not to go in the house.  She sleeps in bed with me every night for 6-8 hours, so obviously has no problem holding it.  Initially I thought that it was seperation anxiety because I could leave her in her kennel for just 30 minutes and she would pee.  I've tried leaving her in her kennel for short periods of time then taking her out and putting her back in each time building up, but that has not seemed to work.  I have tried different sized kennels, bedding, no bedding, leaving her in the bathroom with a baby gate.  Even in the bathroom she would some how role around in her pee.  I put weewee pads and her kennel in the bathroom, but she rarely went on the weewee pads.  I clean her and her kennel every time she has an accident.  When I leave I give her a kong with peanut butter and this seems to help with the barking and whining.  It seems as if she is completely desensitized as this point and is not bothered by laying in her own pee.  She is such a well behaved dog and this is her only problem. SO SO FRUSTRATING!!  Any suggestions?

  • Sounds painfully familiar, to me. My Dachshund did the same thing, so I bought her an exersize pen, and set up a whooole room, for her. She had her bed, crate, food, water, pee pee pads. She peed, and laid in it. She was quite old, when I got her, and I didn't ever figure out why she insisted on lying in pee. She'd even do it, while suprivised.


    I hope that someone can help with your baby before this becomes a habit. If not, diapers DO make a difference in the "ick" factor. 

  • Maybe try a totally new crate?  If she's done it so many times and the crate is saturated with urine enzymes, maybe trying a new crate made of a different type of material will help.  Also, how large is the crate? 

  • I've tried two different crates.  Her first one is a small one that's just big enough for her to turn around in.  The other is quite a bit bigger and she didn't pee in it for a couple of days.  I'll be moving in a few days to a new apartment and she'll have a new kennel.  I hoping that we can start fresh.  We'll see... thanks for the suggestions.

  •  Whats the average length of time she spends in the crate?

  • My mini dachshund also used to pee in the crate and I actually found a larger crate worked better, which is usually the opposite advice that you would normally hear.  I think just getting a new crate altogether might just do the trick, she can probably still smell pee in there even when you clean it.  I would get a new crate that is very different than the one you have now, so maybe she won't make the association with the crate she has now and the new one.  If she is not peeing anywhere else in the house, she is already much farther along than my Zoe was at 6 months!

  •  i never leave her for more than 4-5 hours.  like i said, she sleeps 6-8 hours without having to be let out so she can definitely hold it.  it's almost as if she thinks she supposed to be in her kennel 'cause she never pees in the house.  i've thought about puppy proofing the house and just leaving her out of her kennel but am worried she'll destroy something. 

  • You could try setting up an ex-pen on a linoleum surface (kitchen?) or leaving her in a bathroom as long as the TP and toiletries are put away.  That might help to break her association with the crate and peeing. 

  •  tried that.  she still somehow rolls around in it.

  • Have you checked her for any medical problems? Puppies bladders tend to "shut down" and hold it all night long when they are sleeping, even with a UTI or something of the like.

    How old is she now? She may need to be let out more frequently, as she is tiny, with a tiny bladder. That said - my last foster, a chihuahua mix puppy, could hold her bladder for 4+ hours, no problem.

    Where did you get the puppy? That may explain why she has no problems laying in her own potty.

    What kind of crate are you using? A "airplane" carrier (all plastic) or a wire one? Have you tried using the other type? I've only used the wire ones, but I've heard many people have had success with the plastic ones.

  • She's scheduled to get spayed in about a week so I'll be sure to have the vet check for UTI then.  But when I'm home she only asks to be let out about every 3-4 hours.  I got her from a breeder and other than just a couple of times she didn't start peeing in her kennel till after about a month.  I've tried a couple of different sizes of plastic kennels, but have never tried the wire type.  My parents have an extra one that they don't use so maybe I'll give that a shot.

  • I would try a different type of crate, that may help.

    I'll keep thinking of more ideas for you. Does she run and play a TON before she goes in her crate? Maybe just one extra fetch session would help too.

  • I would probably contain her tighter.  I would only give her enough room in the crate to laydown comfortably after I have all medical ruled out.