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Love Nibble on the Nose?

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Love Nibble on the Nose?
  • Hello,

    I have a question that I have always wanted to ask about our five year old Australian Shepard. Why does she bite my nose?

    No, it is not hard or hurtful in any way, but she just has to get my nose in her back molars for a love nibble or two. This is mostly upon greeting me when I have been away, but she will occasionally do it out of the blue. She does this to nobody else. Yes, I understand the whole idea that I am the pack leader and she is showing a sign of submission when she licks my face. But biting my nose?

    If Love is blind, then Life is it's seeing eye dog. Don#%92t forget to feed the dog,
  • I don't know why she bites your nose (maybe it's just something she does?), but you could definitely train her not to bite your nose.
  • Did you actively discourage nipping when she was a puppy?  My dog has been known to grab a nose or two, but she's only 8 months.  Most dogs will stop nipping after their first year or so if it's discouraged when their young.  It's never too late to start, though.  Your dog probably thinks this is a fun way to play, so I'd start by simply ceasing all attention when the dog does this.  Firmly tell the dog "No Bite", then turn away from the dog.  Do not pet or play with the dog until she stops trying to bite your nose.  Your dog should be able to figure out soon enough that biting is not an acceptable way to interact with humans.  You could also try redirection, giving your dog a toy or bone to chew on instead of your nose.
  • My sweet gentle Trixie does that to me, she has the softest mouth and she only does that when I am on the floor playing w/ her, she does not do it to anyone else. She was a brood bitch and used to play w/ her pups that way so I think that's what she is doing to me, I love it, so it's staying in our repertoire.
  • My puppy likes to nibble my earlobe(how romantic LOL!) it's very light and he usually does it upon greeting me.  He licks and licks and licks and then nibbles on the ear for a second.  I think it's adorable but I don't think he does it with anyone else either.
  • I have two ear nibblers, and a beard grooming cat.  I think it's a sign of affection.  But if you don't like it, you should put a stop to it. 
  • ORIGINAL: Xerxes

    I have two ear nibblers, and a beard grooming cat.  I think it's a sign of affection.  But if you don't like it, you should put a stop to it. 

    Yup Rory is a ear nibbler too but only with my motehr and I. I think its cause we let her and it is also when we first get home. She likes to bury her nose in my hair and sniff sniff sniff, it makes me self concious like I'm not shapooing well enough cause she does it like crazy! [:D]
  • Me too, ear nibbler[:)]
  • My dog will stick her tounge right down my ear canal.  She must like the taste of ear wax.  She's also attracted to bright, shiny objects, though, so she'll sometimes grab people's earings and pull... ouch!!  Everyone has a different veiwpoint on what types of affection are acceptable and unacceptable from a dog.  My rule is kisses are always good (even if she's licking my eyeball, which she's done a few times).  Teeth, no matter how gentle, are not allowed.  When my dog nibbles on noses, it doesn't hurt, but having a pit bull put her teeth on your face can be very intimidating to people who aren't too comfortable around dogs, and could be especially frightening to children.  So my rule is always "no bite, give kisses" :-)
  • Emma is an ear and nose nibbler. I think it's cute, so I don't stop it. She does it when she's all mellow and mushy, in your lap.