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Throwing up after water?

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Throwing up after water?
  • Hi y'all,

    Curious if anyone has had this problem.  My husky mix, between 4-6 yrs, often throws up after drinking.  This usually happens after a long walk or playing, we come home, he drinks water, and then throws up.  Why is this?  What can I do to stop him?  If I stand there and drag him from his water and force him to take a break after a few gulps he seems ok, but he also thinks he's in trouble.  I don't want to confuse him, but I don't want him getting sick and dehydrated either!  Any tips?

  • Sounds like you're wondering whether your intervention sounds like a good a way to handle it.
    If you also wonder if there's a health issue here, you can post your question in the health section to attract folks who focus on that:http://forum.dog.com/asp/tt.asp?forumid=41
  • My dog sometimes throws up if she drinks a LOT of water really quickly. Have you tried giving him small amonts of water while he's walking/playing?
    Maybe you could use a sipper bottle or something similar (like what they use for rabbits?) to slow down his drinking.

  • Is it actual vomit (with bile/food particals) or just urped up water?
    Luke has what I call "water burps."  They happen as you described -- when he comes in from playing and sucks down loads of water while he's still panting.  Then, generally a very short time later, he has a bit of an "urp" where a splash of water lands on the floor.
    If your dog is doing the repeated retching that goes with vomiting that might be cause for some concern -- but if it's just one of these little "water burps" I wouldn't be too concerned.  Other than the pain of getting a paper towel to clean it up it doesn't cause the dog any harm.
    Luke has always been a water-loving dog.  If I tell him to stop drinking he thinks he's in trouble and then won't go to his water dish.  I'd rather have him well hydrated and deal with the occasional water burp than to have him nervous & dehydrated.
  • Rascal does the "water burps" too, sometimes. What you could try is only give him a little bit at a time when you think he might be prone to gulping, like after a walk. Just pour a little bit in his bowl, wait a few seconds, pour a little more, etc. until he's full.
  • Water him before you go out.  Bait the water with chicken broth or something else if he won't drink it strait up.  Give him a command to drink as you put the bowl down.  Take a water bottle with you on your walk and teach him to drink out of it.  Or you can get one of those little collapsable bowls.  Throwing up water isn't a huge huge deal but it does show you how thirsty he gets on his walks.  
  • I've had the same problem with my puppies.  It just recently started happening (for the past three days) and I was wondering what was wrong with them also.  But I've never heard of "water burps."  It sounds like it's nothing to be worried about though. =D
  • bashfulbby
    I've had the same problem with my puppies. 

    Small puppies can get dehydrated a lot easier than adult dogs.  Something like this would help:
    Hydro-Go Pet Water Bottle & Bowl
  • Olive does this occasionally because no matter when it is (after bike ride, walk, getting out of bed, just plain getting up from laying down) she gulps down water like there is no tomorrow. i've gotten pretty used to getting her to stop for a moment and take a breather, but occasionally i do not, and she'll throw some water up on the floor. no biggie.