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Can't Sleep Dog constantly whining & panting

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Can't Sleep Dog constantly whining & panting
  • I have a German Shepard/Collie mix. Lately she has been whining alot at night. She will pant and whine and then I tell her to lye down and she will sleep for 2 minutes then pant and whine again. I'm getting no sleep. Any suggestions?
  • Make sure that she is healthy - so a visit to the vet.  But, if she clears the vet visit, it's probably just behavioral - demanding your attention.  Stop talking to her.  Make sure she is toileted, has had a drink, if necessary, and then put her to bed and don't talk to her until morning.
  • Please take her to the vet like Anne said.  My Lani did this when she was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease.  Very serious condition and requires immediate vet care to prevent death - it's called the 'Silent Killer'. 
  • Lately she has been whining alot at night

    Is this dog new to you?  Or is this a dog who you have had and it is.. a new thing shes doing?
  • Where are you?  Might she be too hot?  If so a desk fan may help.  Is she crated  near a heat source?  If so, move the crate.  If it is "just" heat, don't dismiss it - dogs can overheat quickly and it can be serious.