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Why does my dog take things outside?

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Why does my dog take things outside?
  • Max is 14 months old, an Aussie/Collie mix.  We adopted him about 3 weeks ago.
    He's so weird...he chews things, but he also just takes stuff outside.  Weird stuff.  The other night, it was potatoes.  Then mangoes.  One night it was all of the shoes from my kids' closet.  Luckily, he doesn't destroy them (usually).  He did chew up my daughter's potty seat, and a sandal - but mostly, he just takes it outside.
    My husband says maybe he's herding - but who knew dogs wanted to herd mangoes, potatoes, or shoes?
  • It's not herding, my husky does this too. She just likes to sit on her bed outside with something near her (a bone, a toy, whatever, it doesn't matter).
    My aussie, on the other hand, likes to hide my socks outside. He puts them behind bushes, under rocks, behind a tree..etc.
    I think they are just weird ;)
  • We have one shelter dog that always does this.  I give her a little squeaky toy before we go out so she doesn't spend the entire walk looking for something to pick up.  She will either carry it the entire time, or bury it and then look all proud of herself.  I have no idea why she does it, and I just let her b/c if I don't she spends the entire time trying to pull my nice leather gloves off and if she gets one off, she doesn't give it back.
  • Sometimes herding dogs like to "group" things, and the retrievers like to carry things.  Some dogs just like to collect their "things" in one place or hide them for future use.  Who knows why they pick what they pick?  With Sioux, as a pup, it was anything metal.  (Most people have trouble getting their dogs to pick up metal objects - they prefer leather, cloth, etc.)  With Sequoyah, it was paper.  Maska likes dishtowels...
  • There are no toys left in the house, they are all outside in the lots, now, one of dogs loved shoes, I suspect he still does, but we finally broke him of taking off with my shoes......whew, what a blessing.....[8D]
  • That is a very cool pic in your sig snowrose. Where was that taken? It looks like a road up in the Porcupine Mtns.
  •  Dingo, my heeler does this. We also have a dog door, so he has carried all the dirty laundry outside before.
  • This is the only downside to the miracle of the dog door.  Now that the snow has melted, I'm still finding things in the backyard that I thought I'd lost forever.
  • Hee, hee. My cattle dog mix picked a spot in the backyard which is where she carries kongs, bones, socks, dish towels, toilet paper tubes, and envelopes. I've learned to pick my socks up, or else [;)]

    Sometimes, when I've misplaced my keys, I go look in her spot ... ha, ha, if only!
  • That is a very cool pic in your sig snowrose. Where was that taken? It looks like a road up in the Porcupine Mtns.

    That is the road we live on, in the foothills of NC[;)]
  • i dont know why they do it but my neighbors have had more than one look at my "unmentionables" thanks to them!
  • ORIGINAL: nyiceprincess
    i dont know why they do it but my neighbors have had more than one look at my "unmentionables" thanks to them!

    Oh Yes.... One of my Tzus tries to grab an object on his way outside just about every time.  I have to be very careful where I put my clothes when I get into the shower.  There has been more than once that I've pulled into the driveway after working all day to discover a pair of pink panties on the front lawn or a black bra on the front porch[sm=blush.gif]
    (I leave for work before DH; and he is very un-observant [&:])
  • One of mine takes them outside to present as gifts to strangers or acquaintances walking by our chain link fence. Pillows, shoes, gloves, underwear, etc. are all considered gifts in his mine and suitable for attaining attention.
  • This is kinda embarrassing also but Toffee likes to carry my clothing in her mouth, especially my underwear and BF's socks. She will get into the hamper and take my panties out and carry around. Just the other day I went outside to find my panties in the yard[:o]
  • I thought Sunny (my shih tzu) was just an odd dog.  He loves to take toys in the backyard.  Not group them together or hide them...just take them out there.  We've tried spliting the dog toys between the backyard and the house but that didn't work.  Sunny decides which toys go where.  The odd thing is he loves to destroy Lucy's favorite toy "Mr. Numbchucks" (the blue stuffed animal with a long tail fun for tossing around).  We've had three Mr. Numbchucks so far and everyone has ended up in the backyard covered in dirt, leaves, etc and beyond repair or washing.  We haven't replaced the last one yet.  It's almost like Sunny doesn't approve of Lucy's favorite toy.  But I don't see Lucy taking Sunny's favorite chew toy outside [:)].  I've also recently lost my flip flops which so happens to be Sunny's favorite shoe to throw around.  Hmmm...I'll have to check the backyard again [8|].