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Why does my dog poop on MY bed???

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Why does my dog poop on MY bed???
  • My dog has pooped practically on my pillow 2 times in the last week. What the heck??? I take him for walks at least 2-3 times a day and he goes then. Today I left him in my small apt. for 3 hours and he went on my bed. He went this morning in the park!! Is this some sort of message to me? He's otherwise completely house-trained, these have been the only 2 incidents ever, and he's about 3 years old. Granted, I just moved to a new apt. and I also usually bring him with me places (my car=his kennel). I have left him alone before though and he's never done this, he's only chewed things to bits. What's up and what do I do?? He drives me crazy when he does this!
  • It's most likely the move to a new apt. Dogs often have to be re-housetrained when they move house. They're stressed and they don't understand that the potty rules are the same.
  • So does the fact that he has access to every nook and cranny in my apt. and yethe chooses to poop on my pillow not have any meaning? He is absolutely not allowed on the bed when i'm home-I have no idea if he abides by these rules when I'm away (obviously he's not, at least part of the time!!) What more can I do if I already walk him up to 3 or 4 times a day?
  • You should not allow him "access to every nook and cranny" if he is pooping anywhere but outside. He's pooping there because he smells where you've been, and he's going back there because he's smelling where HE has been.
    If he's having housebreaking problems, he should be confined to one room until the problem is solved, if he's not cage trained. Dogs don't like to fowl their living space.
    My younger dog is a year and a half old, my older one is almost 4. The younger one sleeps in the kitchen at night because she's still outgrowing a chewing problem. She has a nice bed in there and all I have to say is "Go to bed" and she goes. It's not cruel to give a dog their own space.. a lot of them prefer it.

  • Thanks so much for the advice! I do know dogs like enclosed spaces and often prefer them to the whole run of things. (thus his preoccupation with my car!) I will try closing him of to part of the apt. and see if that works better. Can dogs still smell when they went on your bed if you've washed whatever they went on?
  • To get the smell out you really should use an enzyme cleaner like Petastic.  IMO it's a bit expensive, but totally worth it.
  • My mom has a cat that is 4 years old and when Rory and I are there she is confined to the third story of the house by a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. She absolutly HATES Rory and hisses at her through the gate, if my mom's bedrrom door is open she will poop on her bed and its only when Rory is there, thats all.
    I had a cat who I loved dearly and when I started seeing this one particular guy he turned mean to all of us. The first night the guy slept at my house my cat peed on his boots.....I think your fur baby is royaly P-O'd about something!
  • oh, that's nonsense. Dogs and cats DO NOT use poop and pee to "get back" at their owners.   Peeing on things is sometimes done to mark territory, but poop is carefully deposited as far from the dog's living areas as possible, if possible in an area that already smells like poop.