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Dog waking up too early

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Dog waking up too early
  • I recently moved back into my mom's house and I took my dog with me. He's adjusted to his surrounding pretty well, but as of 2 months ago, he wakes up when my dad gets up for work (6am). I usually dont get up until 7am but he starts barking and running around like a mad man when he hears my dad in the bathroom (dog is in my room).

    He was fine when we first moved in, he slept in the porch but with it being so hot now, he sleeps with me in my air conditioned room. The ONLY thing I can think of is the last time he was taken out for a walk. My mom likes to call it a night around 8pm. Therefore, she takes him out around 7:30 and he stays in the house and doesnt pee or poop in the house. However, it's driving us crazy cuz on the weekend he's up at 6am and we are all trying to get some extra sleep. Any advice?
  • I am not sure how possible it will be - but Wesley used to get up at 6 or so and whine in his crate (which is in our bedroom).  We IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE - no matter how hard it is...  He has learned that he never comes out when he whines.  So, if we get up at 6:30 to let him out - great, 7:00 great, 9:00 great - it is OUR decision and we pay NO ATTENTION to him before we decide to let him out.  He is recently getting MUCH better.  He may whine once or twice on a weekend morning - but lately, more often than not, he doesn't.  Now, even if DH is travelling for work and gets up at 4:30, he can move around, shower, get ready, move around the whole room and not a peep from the dog.  The other night BIL came over late, was sleeping over, and rang the bell after we were in bed and Wes was in his crate - Wes barked, he was told "it's ok" - his command for, we are not concerned, so stop barking..., and he went right back to sleep, not a peep more...  So - it works!  You just have to be consistent, which might be more difficult if the dog is not crated - so maybe others will have some suggestions for how to do it...
  • My dog Harley waits until I am up to go potty, he does not ask the kids or hubby to let him out in am.  The kids can be up and about but not a peep till he hears me and then a little whine and alot of tailwagging.  Its funny unless he REALLY has to go potty he won't ask the kids or hubby to let him out.  I am a stay at home mom so I let him out every few hours most times before he asks.  Plus an easy way to remember to let dog out is to put him out after each time you go potty...sorry for getting a bit off topic but the point is dogs can learn a schedule or routine.
  • Now that the weather is hotter, is there any chance you could take him out for a walk/run a little later - after your mom goes to bed?  I was just thinking that the later it is when he gets tired out, the longer he might be willing to snooze.

    Joyce & Max
  • I agree with fuzzy_dogs_mom, if there is any way you can take him out later than 7:30,  that may help.  11.5 hours is a long time to hold it, I know I couldn't go that long [;)].  Also, he may just need a bit more play time so he is a bit more tired.  
  • At least if you took him out later in the evening, you won't feel guilty about ignoring him in the morning.  We let our girls out at 10:30 at night, but at the crack of dawn, if they see us move, they are by the bed trying to getus up.  They will go and lay down if we tell them to, but we can feel the eyes boring into our backs waiting for someone to move again. [X(]
  • I always get up at 7:00 and Cindy is always trying to get me up earlier! She doesn't whine or anything, but she comes to my bed and puts her nose on it, walks to the other side and puts her nose on it again until I get up. I just ignore her until it's 7:00.
    I got up at 5:00 this morning and she was very reluctant to get up. She loves her sleep! She starts to sleep at 7:00 at night and I have to wake her up to take her outside. I guess I must really tire her out during the day!
    I'd take your dog out later (probably about 10:00) and ignore him when he tries to get you up and tire him out before you go to bed.