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Obsessed with the light, shiny, just lays and waits

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Obsessed with the light, shiny, just lays and waits
  • My son has a GSD that will turn 2 in June. He has had her for about a year now. Had no problems until a couple months ago one of his friends came over with a laser light. The friend played with Izzy with the light. Well since then Izzy will lay under the table or beside my son and just stare at the floor waiting for the light to come back. My son found out that the first owners played with Izzy with a laser light. My son never has played with Izzy with a light and until his friend came over with the light that day Izzy never had this behavior of waiting for the light to come back. I know Cesar had a show on a dog that was obsessed with shiny floors but I can`t remember what he did or even if it would help Izzy. Anybody on the forum with any solutions to the problem that I can pass along would be appreciated.

  • Our dog who we have had since 8 weeks is obsessed with the flashlight.  We did the lazer light before also, either one he loves.  We call it his fix when we finally give in and get it out of the linen closet for him.  He barks and barks at the door for us to get it out.  He finally gives up if we don't, but he has this thing for it big time lately.  We created a monster!  Your post made me think of it.  Also, I know a GSD at the dog park we go to that spends almost the whole time there (on sunny days) pouncing on shadows.  This dog is so big and burly and scary looking until you see him frolick at shadows and then you realize what a big baby he is!  I would love to hear what others say on this subject regarding lights.

  • When he is in wait...redirect him...give him something to do.  Practice some basic obedience commands...teach him a trick.  Give him a rawhide bone...play a game.  Get his mind off of that behavior and on to something else.

    And, never play with the light again.  Smile

  • Those laser lights are written about in several training books on how create an OCD dog. I frown and speak loudly when stores leave them out because there is no warning on the package on how you can make your dog or cat seriously screwed in the head. Especially when an informed owner buys it for fun and doesn't understand what is going on with their pet after several sessions with the light.

    I think those things should be banned from the stores. Its a lazy way to play with your dog IMHO

  • OCD is a really serious mental illness. Might need drugs to help you get over it. NO ONE should ever use those lights to "play" with a dog. Go talk to your vet and perhaps a behaviorist.

  • mollymoo
    I know Cesar had a show on a dog that was obsessed with shiny floors


    And believe it or not he also had an episode about your problem too, basically what he did is what the others are saying, re direct him and never use the light again 

  • We had a rescue who was light-obsessed.  He was a backyard dog who just started playing with the shadows of leaves on sunny days.  Grrr.  Anyway, it took a ton of working with him to replace the behavior.  He needs both hard physical exercise, and tons of mental exercise.  In this case, the use of the clicker is a must because it works in the same part of the brain that gets reinforced when he engages in OCD-type behavior.  For our dog, we were able to use working sheep to take his mind off the behavior, but at first he could only be worked when it was overcast.  then gradually (after about two months), he would not do more than glance at shadows if he was working, but had to be kept away from them other times still.  And finally, after another couple of months, he was almost normal.

    I have another friend who has a dog who leaps after bugs around the porch light.  But she ended up just doing it obsessively, whether there are bugs there or not.  She ended up crippled at only ten years old, from the repetitive motion.  and now she has to be kept up in a crate all the time for fear that she'll jump after lights and further injure herself.

    So this is serious business. 

  • When I got my JRT at 12 weeks old he was already obsessed with lights because of chasing a laser light at his previous home.  We redirected his behaviour with simple, fun obedience sessions every time he showed interest in moving lights.  It took almost three months for him to start to ignore moving lights and now he is perfectly normal, at least as far as moving lights!!  I totally agree that this is a terrible way to play with dogs due to the possible OCD problems.  Thank goodness we didn't have to resort to drugs to overcome this problem. 

  •  I used to work with a trainer who suggested lazers all the time to terrier owners. One day, I cracked. I don't think she'll ever suggest one, again. At least, not in my presence. There's an article on the JRTCA's site about that, and I've never, ever let Emma chase a light. The Crested puppy seems like she'd be super prone to OCD, too.

  •  We made the mistake of getting one of these things.  My pointer's attitude was "Yeah, so, it's a moving light.  Big Deal.", but my setter went crazy for it. 

    It seemed that everytime she saw any little lights on the floor or wall, she would zone out and start frantically hunting for it.  It seems to get worse when she is under stress.  

    Needlesstosay, I trashed the lazer light.

     We avoid any dancing lights with her.  She seems to look for them less and less as time goes by and if she gets a "glimmer", we quickly redirect her. 

     I agree that they should be banned or a warning should be printed on the package.


  • In this article, owners are warned that LED flashlights are in the same category, and, like lasers, can damage dogs' eyes. 


  • I started a thread here a couple of years ago on this because Bubblegum came to be with this exact same problem...as her breeder used the lazer for exercise.  It made her totally a head case..    I would always suggest to anyone who asks me to NEVER BUY IT FOR YOUR DOG!   Bubby would be so obsessed with lights becasue of it that she would do terrible stupid things...and that includes bite someone as she was obsessivly WATCHING a light, shadow or spot of sun on the floor.   Or when we put up our Christmas tree every year...she was so obsessed that we could hardly move her from the lights. It sounds funny...but it sure in not!