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Need advice. My dog growls vicious in her sleep and seem hallucinating.

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Need advice. My dog growls vicious in her sleep and seem hallucinating.
  • Saskia

    We woke her up the first few months when she woudl growl and bark in her sleep. we would call her and she would look at us very suprised , like....what is it? What is going on? Like she was totally confused at first , and after say 10 seconds she wiggles her tail. So she s not aware of doing this behaviour. Other times she will get up and lay down somewhere else, curling up and not looking at us at all. She is very strange these moments.

    well, that's pretty close to the same responses i would give if you woke me in the middle of a dream. i would either look at you all confused and i in fact would possibly be a bit disoriented, or i would roll over to go back to sleep.
  • Maybe dreaming? maybe seizures? I would definitely discuss it with my Vet to hear what his thoughts were.  Not that I am a believer of ghosts but I have watched many shows of people who claim of really weird things!  And animals, mainly dogs, hear, see or sense what we don't. People tell tails of how their dogs acted when thought a spirit was near.  Maybe your house is haunted and you have a friendly ghost walking around at night?  Big SmileSurpriseWink

    I'm sure its nothing to be worried about, but be careful not to startle him when he is in that state.

  • My dog will sometimes growl ferociously in his sleep, too - probably 1 or 2 times a week, usually. The first time he did it he was sleeping in bed with me, right next to my pillow, and it scared the daylights out of me! Then I called his name and he woke up and seemed very disoriented. I'm quite sure it was a dream. He will also sometimes bark and yelp in his sleep, and twitch his feet and his lips. For this and many other reasons he no longer sleeps with me - I'm afraid if he's having a bad dream he might wake up confused and mistake me for whatever he was growling at! Indifferent

  • I don't think our house is haunted. :-) We moved 4 times since we got Scruffy , from big city to farm to town. And she did it everywhere.

    There is only 1 night I can remember she didn't growl/bark during the night. That was when we had her just for a couple of weeks and went fishing with her the whole day. She was after a day running , swimming and playing outside to tired I guess.

    But we will defenately ask our vet again about this behaviour.

    Thanks you all for your responses.


  • Cita, It sounds like your dog does the same as mine. Only mine doesn't do the twitching feet and lips when dreaming. She lays still when she sleeps.Never seen her dream normal like other dogs or cats do. The growling and barking sound very scary and loud. She's a dog of over 20kg, not small.She sleeps in the diningroom or basement ,whatever she likes.I would not want her near me in bed with this behaviour. Plus we would not sleep anymore. :-)