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How to make my dog obedient

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How to make my dog obedient
  • Hello, My german shephard Maximus is about 8 months old, hes huge and fun to play with. maximus gets bored easily, he knows how to sit stay and lie down. When i take him for a walk he likes pulling me instead of me pulling him and when he see's something that is small like a cat or other dogs he pulls me even harder just so that he can go near them and play with them. When i call him back he doesnt listen, i have to shout at him just so that i get his attention and im afraid that he will want to play with the bigger dogs and some of them might bite him. Maximus is a very playful dog and he loves every one, he doesnt even attack cats and thats bad because in my area people sometimes beat dogs when they are only wanting to play.If anyone has any suggestions, im happy to hear and waiting for them . Thanks

  • check out [linkhttp://www.hollysden.com]www.hollysden.com[/link]   lots of good reading and training plans.  Also find a group obedience class and sign up.  You may have to search a bit if you are outside the USA.
  • Absolutely get him into obedience classes.
    I often say that German Shepherds are too smart for OUR own good.  And yes, they get bored VERY easily. 
    Re: boredom, give him a job to do.  Teach him to gather up laundry or put his toys away in a box....something to keep his mind as well as his body occupied.  Tricky treat balls or stuffed frozen kongs are great because they require some thinking to get the goodies out.
    Re: Walks.....you might try the Easy Walk Harness. Because the ring to attach the lead is in the FRONT, it changes the balance and makes it near impossible to pull.  One thing I found VERY helpful when I had made a major mistake with my oldest male, was to start working with him on a long line...about 50 foot long, in a safe and quiet area.  Thor wasn't used to that much freedom on lead and wasn't real sure of himself, so he paid VERY close attention to me.  Now, I can walk him off lead at a perfect heal if I want to.  But, YOU have to become far more fascinating than the small dogs, or the cats, or anything else he might encounter on a walk.  If people think I'm nuts when I walk my dogs in town, oh well.  I keep up a constant stream of chatter with them and can walk three at a time without breaking a sweat.  All six makes me nervous, but I can do it.
    It's going to be a bit harder work for you now than it would have been at 8 WEEKS, so I strongly do suggest a training class.  Try to attend a session first tho before you sign up and pay your money.  You want a positive reinforcement trainer, especially with shepherds, and not someone who slaps on a choker and teaches you to jerk the dog around by the leash.
  • Bauer was the same way with walks and through obedience class and lots and lots of reading, he is getting better.  Also, I am a firm believer that the dog has to respect you as the leader in order for him to listen to you.  Make sure you  make your status known and the dog will show respect over time.