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Orijin vs. Taste of the Wild - which is best?

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Orijin vs. Taste of the Wild - which is best?
  • Between these two foods, which is better, and why?  I'd love to hear everyone's opinions (since I know there will be lots of differences in opinion).  Thanks!

  •  I liked TOTW when it first came out - protein not crazy and ash was low on the fish and poultry versions. The fish version was an acceptable "emergency" food for Ben, even, so it passed the "cross contaminant" test.

    However, recently whenever I use it my dogs break out in intermittant pudding poop. The same was true for the other Diamond product I was using, Extreme Athlete, for the younger LGDs.

    I switched the "inside dogs" to Orijen and saw dramatic improvements in things I hadn't noticed were problematic, since the reason I was using kibble at all is that we are tremendously busy right now. It was the middle of shedding season and they went from shedding in messy gobs, to sleek shiny coats - like when they are on all homecooked.

    The LGDs are particularly a problem if their food isn't right during shedding season. They have HUGE amounts of coat to drop - Maremmas who work outside go from looking like Pyrenees in coat type, to almost a short coat like a really shaggy looking Husky. On icky food, the dead hair stays put and it felts like crazy - not matting, as you can comb it out, but if they eat right it just sheds out and you don't even have to mess with it (unlike Pyrs). Min looks ridiculous right now - she started shedding when she was on the Diamond, so her butt is all messy and needs combing out badly. Then when I switched them to Eagle Pack she shed out her shoulders beautifully. She looks like someone started to shave her down and stopped in the middle. Stick out tongue

    Anyway, my pup and the older dogs are on Orijen and I really like it. It is super pricey but I'm finding I don't have to feed as much, as the TOTW. It's still more expensive, but I ended up taking one dog to the vet with the ploppy poop situation this spring and THAT sure was expensive. Since switching off, it's been smooth sailing - no more poopsplosions.

    I don't know, Diamond's had some past issues but they seemed to have overcome them. But I'm a bit spooked now - especially since I have many friends who have had the same experience lately (poop problems on various diamond formulas). 

  •  well not really comparing similar quality food with these two.  Orjen is superb food and you pay for that.  I have not had problems with TOTW and we had a few tight months I mixed the two foods so he got half of each and he did fine on that.  As Becca said you do need to feed more of the TOTW but it is MUCH less expensive ( at least around here) but the protein level is much lower and it is clearly not as dense a food.

    I have only used the fish versions of both

  • I've used both.

    I love Orijen for several reasons, 1 of which is VERY important to me. They are the only company that can actually prove to the public that their fish sources are 100% ethoxiquin free and they actually show you in detail on their website where their meat sources come from.

    secondly, their overall quality is just superb, and you feed very little.

    TOTW....I, initially loved their simplicity of the fish based formula, but I did not like the fact that the food didn't smell nearly as fresh as Orijen; and, after several e-mails, they were never able to provide me with proof that their fish is ethoxiquin free.

    Most k-9 owners forget this is one heavy chemical very highly used to preserve fish products used for animal feeds..And one chemical that the dog food companies do NOT have to disclose on their label if the fish they use was sprayed prior to their receiving it.

    I was very big on making sure I didn't feed a dog food that had fish in it, until I came across Orijen. Only exceptions were TOTW salmon (only fed it for 2 mnths though) and Innova, which contains Herring meal.

    To me...there's no question, out of the 2, I'd prefer Orijen....as long as your dogs tolerate chicken/turkey.

  • I think Orijen is a great food, but my Shih Tzu has gotten a little pudgie from it. I decided to check the calories and it's not on the website, but the bag said 493 per cup if I remember right. I threw away the bag earlier today because I switched him over to a lower calorie food (Solid Gold Just a Wee Bit). Taste of the Wild is 360-390 calories per cup, depending on the variety. So depending on how active your dog is, calories may factor in.

  •  I feed Toots Orijen 6 fish and only feed 1/3 cup 2x a day. Shes only 24 lbs. though. It is spendy, but I feed so little it works out.

  •  In my experience, definitely Orijen.  I've tried TOTW before, and it gave decent results, I just find that my dogs look and act healthier on Orijen.  All three have wonderful coats with no skin issues, great digestion, and tons of energy.  It's definitely pricey, but absolutely worth every penny IMO from the results I've seen.  And as everyone else has said, I do feed less on it, which evens out the cost a little.

  • Hi. I see that you have made your own dog food, I'm curious how you make it. I've been thinking about making my dog food with deer, chicken and possibly grass fed cow. Any suggestions?