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beef heart treats

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beef heart treats
  •  This was so simple and I know many have posted on making jerky treats just thought I'd add a specific recipe.

    Beef heart is one of Bugsy's staples so I took a piece out of the freezer and sliced it thin, best width seems about 1/4 inch.  I laid them out on a rack and put that on a shallow roasting pan and sprinkled a little garlic powder on them.  Put them in a 200* oven for 4 hours.

    Then I chose to cut them into bite size pieces for our training class.  A smaller dog might like the whole piece as a chew.  LOL DH considered eating them as very lean jerky.

    Most of the pieces are crisp a few are just slightly chewy. 

    Now not sure they need to be refrigerated or not. Huh? 

  •  Yes, refrigerate them.  I dehydrate liver all the time, basically the same way and even in the fridge they only last about a week.  I've never thought about using heart.  I bet it wouldn't smell nearly as bad!  LOL

  • Thanks Candace, it doesn't smell too bad when you cook it, not my sort of thing but DH thought the house smelled nice Confused

    OK I'll put them in the fridge, LOL how do they go off?  Do they get moldy or what?  I mean Bugsy has a raw bone outside for about 10 days that still has marrow and fat on it.  He digs it out each evening for a snack and then tucks it away again.  How bad could cooked/dehydrated meat get?  Not that bad I think LOL

    I have considered doing the liver, but it is sooo slimy plus not too many places here have something other than chicken liver which he can't have.  I get the heart for less than $1/lb so that is his 'meat' and it at that price it makes cheap treats.

  •  The liver goes mouldy yes.  I've considered leaving them open so they don't keep any moisture, but they smell so strongly. 

    I'm gonna have to look at the price of beef heart here.  It seems to me its way more than a buck a pound though.  As in, the steak was cheaper, but maybe I was looking at tongue?  Can't remember, I just know it was something I personally wouldn't eat.