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Chicken Hearts & Gizzards

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Chicken Hearts & Gizzards
  • So we been cooking up the Perdue hearts & gizzards for Bailey & Comet.. and they absolutly loovvee them.. we just sprinkle a few on their normal food each day..Is there any nutritual value to them? I think there might be some but I wanted to ask the experts here [:D]
  • I have no clue about their nutrional value, but I've been cooking them for the critters for years.  "Inards" are always a big hit here.  They even bring the "Brat Cat" out of hiding.
  • My dogs get chicken hearts, livers, or gizzards once or twice a week.  As I type, there is a pack of chicken hearts and a pack of beef liver in my ref.  Tonight I will make myself some calf liver/Onions and boil the rest for the dogs.  They will get fish tomorrow and then i will boil the chicken hearts the next night.   They generally only get the gizzards when i buy some for myself.  I dip mine in flour, then in egg/milk, back in the flour, fry and make gravey to dip them in.  The poor dogs hae to get ones that are boiled, not as tasty, but much better for them!
    I usually give mine fish 4 nights a week, the chicken or calf liver the other 3.  usually chicken parts twice, the calf liver once.  And yes, I most certainly do believe these things are good for the dogs and I know mine love them.
  • I feed hearts and gizzards as well. [:D] Be careful feeding too much heart, as it is high in copper and fat. The reason I give heart to Visa a few times a week is to keep the weight on her (and she loves it!).