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Can dogs eat tomatoes?

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Can dogs eat tomatoes?
  • I have a garden full of tomatoes and wondered if I could add some when I make home cooked meals??
  • I believe the fruits are fine...but the green stems and leaves are not.
  • I think Gina is right. The fruits are fine in moderation, but they can aggravate arthritis and joint conditions.
  • from that ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center...
    "I give my cats dry cat food, and was surprised to learn that the brand I feed contains tomatoes.  Aren#%92t tomatoes poisonous to pets?

    In this case the answer is no. The green parts of the tomato plant are considered toxic because they contain solanine, which has the potential to produce significant gastrointestinal and central nervous system effects. However ripe tomatoes, the part of the plant typically used in food products, are not toxic. Therefore, we would not expect any poisoning-related issues with the tomato content of your cat food."
  • Thanks!

    Have any of the home cookers/ raw feeders here tried it? I'm glad they aren't poisonous and dogs can eat them- but "can" and "should" are 2 different things. I'm just curious about what kind of results other people have had.
  • no they are not.  But becareful.  Madi ate the tomatoes off my plate one night and had bad after effects that night.
    Now we stick to broccoli and carrots. 
    Start small at first.  Good luck!
  • Years ago my Irish Setter (gone 10 years this month, died at 12 1/2 of bone cancer) would raid my garden and eat my tomatoes, yellow squash and even my green peppers.  The  lovable, wonderful dog prefered fruit and veggies to meat.  what a dog he was.  And the tomatoes never hurt him.
  • Michelle used to eat an occassional cherry tomato off the plant --- I honestly didn't even know she was doing it until I had a plant grow in some "dog made" fertiziler LOL
  • Mine love tomatoes, but I don't use much, because they're acidic and nightshade plants.