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Dog guard his food but won't eat it

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Dog guard his food but won't eat it
  • Hi, I need your opinions because my dog won't eat his meal.  I usually feed my dog in the morning and in the evening.  Everytime when I put the food down, he won't eat it but he will guard it.  When I tried to take it away, he would go back to his food and guard it.  When I walked away, he walked away too.  I know he loves his food, sometimes I'll think may be he is just not that hungry enough to eat.  Any suggestions to make him eat?
  • I don't know what part of the country you are in but if you are any place near 80+ degrees in the shade. Chances are your boy is hot and not really wanting to eat.

    If there are no other symptoms with it like, vomiting, diarrhea, being lethargic and no temp, and is not drinking water, I would say it is just that he isn't hungry. However, I would watch and monitor his intake of food or lack there of, should it go past a couple of days, I would take the dog to a vet asap.
  • I live in Northern California.  I have a Pekingese that has long and thick hair.  He is not that active except when he is playing with my son.  He will eat it when I pretend to take it away.  And then stop eating when I walk away.  Sometimes I have to pretend to take it for many times.  I am getting tire of pretending, may be I am not patience enough.  And also I am afraid that the pretend of take food away from him will make him guard his stuff more severely.  He has no sickness symthoms and drinks a lot.  So I think may be you are right, he is hot and loss appetite.  I'll keep an eye on him.  Thanks forpaws.
  • You are welcome jpoon.
    I'm in FL., so all my long haired dogs get shaved down for the summer because I also run into this problem and they are so much happier when they are cooler. Just a suggestion.