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Puppy weight chart/calculator?

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Puppy weight chart/calculator?
  • Does anyone have a web link or any info as to how to determine/calculate what a puppies adult weight will be based on their age and current weight?
  • I haven't been able to find a chart, but the formula my vet taugh me seems to work well- double the pup's weight at 3 months.  Example- at 3 months, Mick weighed  36 1/2 pounds.  He ended up weighing just under 75 pounds as an adult.
  • I really can't remember his weight at 3 months.  From what I can remember he was around 15 pounds at 3 months...which would put him around 30lbs full grown.  He's 33lbs now and only 8 months.
  • that's not an accurate method anyway. Look at the table in the link (couldn't get the table to paste in, sorry). The column labelled x0 is the age in weeks at which the puppy weighed half of his mature weight. Small puppies hit their half-way point much sooner (11 weeks of age) than large puppies (23 weeks for mastiffs)