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Raw meaty bones for big dogs

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Raw meaty bones for big dogs
  • I feed recreational bones like marrow bones, but what are some good teeth cleaning raw meaty bones for big dogs? Chicken wings are probably too small, and I've read you shouldn't feed weight bearing bones like legs/drumsticks, so would thighs be good? What about non-chicken consumable bones? Preferably something big enough I can keep a grip on while my rottweiler chomps on the other side.
  • Yeah, because I'm just not getting it.
    Post pics of said bones too, if you would be so kind or brands or whatever, so that I know what to look for when I go to the store.
    I'm not that familiar with buying meat. Especially meat with bones in it.
  • I feed entire rabbits and chickens to my large dogs. Chicken quarters when they go on sale.
  • I feed Prince chicken drumsticks and he chomps them down no problem. They are his favorite RMB. He is about 80lbs.
  • I feed beef rib bones. They are sold 2 or 3 to a pack for approx $3. The have a fair bit of meat they can tear off to clean the teeth and a nice bone to chew and/or consume at the end. I occassionally feed marrow bones but I find them too fattening for my dog to eat all the time. My son also works at a fresh poultry & deli market so I get him to bring home the carcasses. Last week he showed up with a bag of organic beef bone. Lucky dog!
    If you have a butcher shop handy, go in and ask about bones. You can get them to save you the big old leg bones when they butcher their beef. Now that's a bone!
  • Commercially raised chickens are slaughtered at 8 weeks of age. None of their bones are too hard for dogs to eat.
  • I bought some chicken leg quarters, pig neck meat and bones, and gizzards for Ella tonight.
    I spent SOOO little and got SOOO much.
    BUT, I gave her a chicken leg quarter tonight (when I opened the package and separated them into bags to put in the freezer) because she acted like she wanted it and she started licking it. She worked on it by licking at it, bit into it a little, and then was done with it. She looked at it like she wasn't sure what she should do, heh. So, I put the leg into a bag and into the fridge and I'm going to try it again tomorrow. I've read that sometimes dogs don't know what to do right away when you first give them raw meat and bones.
    Is there anything I should be doing to, um, help her? Will she just eventually get it?
    AND, I want to ask about these pig neck bones and meat, is this ok? I saw them and they were SOOO cheap I couldn't resist picking them up for her. If I shouldn't feed them to her, I can always toss them out.

    Thanks for any help!
  • pig necks are great. To help her get started, you can try searing your chicken quarter. Get a pan and put a little oil in it and get it VERY hot. Toss in chicken leg, count to five, flip over, count to five, remove. Be careful, you want ONLY the skin to be heated, not the bone, thus the high heat and short time in the pan. This usually sends out a delicious scent that encourages the inexperienced dog to try eating it.
  • I have one word of caution on pig necks.  Some butchers cut them funny and they are EXTREMELY sharp, almost like a pointy pork chop bone, so be sure to FEEL the bone before you feed it.
  • thanks, guys!

    I'll try searing it first. She's kind of picky when it comes to her food.
    She loves cottage cheese the most. If I want her to eat something that she is just sniffing, I add cottage cheese to it and then she'll eat it all.
    I've done that with egg and with her canned dog food.
  • here in Merced,we go down to save-mart, they sell hugh at least 15 inch or larger bones for dogs, they are in the freezer section,only a couple bucks each
  • MERCED??? As in Merced CALIFORNIA???  I lived there for a few years...on Sonora Ave!
    Sorry, back to the topic.....
  • Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  I almost missed this thread...this moring I started a new one about beef rib bones,,and  I guess no one (except jennie) saw it,,,,and then this one got started.   I sure am glad Denise posted...because I bought Bubblegum some beef neck bones and didn't want to feed them to her until I was sure they were alright...was hoping to feed her today.
    If you come back Denise, I was going to just give her ONE of the bones today,,,maybe one tomorrow...what do you do?   I sure hope she doesn't try to eat it too fast and swallow it...its pretty big.
  • Oh Denise,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do your dogs eat the whole beef rib bone?  Bubby chewed for almost a half hour,,,,and didn't make much of a dent in it. She got off a wide part at the top and chewed it up,,,,,tore all the meat off,,,which had pretty much on it....and then started gnawing away,,,but after a half hour,,she couldn't get that bone chewed up,,, sure got her teeth bleeding though...I finally took it away,,,she was making a mess and had it for at least an hour because I brought it in and put it on her blanket with her....     She has the other one in the fridge.
    I just thought with a Dane that the rib bone would be GONE!