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High protein dog food

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High protein dog food
  •  So the vet wants Astra on a high protein diet, low carb diet. We've been trying, unsuccessfully, to get some weight off of her.

    I've increased her exercise, reduced her food portions, added green beans, cut out all treats, etc.

    So what brands of dog food would you recommend??


  • I won't recommend a high protean food because I would NEVER put a 10 year dog on anything hotter than about 20% protean, and probably lower percentage than that. 
  •  Astra will be 5 years old in August. Smile

  • reilly21
    I won't recommend a high protean food because I would NEVER put a 10 year dog on anything hotter than about 20% protean, and probably lower percentage than that.


    Actually except with a dog that has kidney issues higher protein is better for seniors as it helps maintain muscle mass.

    Sue I don't have time now but my neighbor has their dog on Life's abundance and I noted that they do a weight loss version that had low fat but still highish protein. There are a few others too. I have a ton on my plate through Friday but will try to come back to this thread if my Als doesn't kick in LOL

  • For weight loss, I know many that have had great luck with Wellness Core Reduced Fat.  A higher protein (33%), but the key is the lower fat and higher fiber content--the higher fiber makes the dog feel "fuller".  There are many other higher protein diets such as Nature's Variety, Orijen, and others that will fit the bill for higher protein, but all have higher fat contents which may not get you the results you need to get the pounds off.
  •  Low carb equals grain free, that is the easiest.


    High protein:  go to this link, and look at the 6 star ones:



    Most of those will be around 40% protein.



  • The highest protein kibble is EVO weight control formula. It is basically the same as regular EVO but lower in fat and higher in protein.  

    My 12 year old Samoyed just got his bloodwork done and has received the okay from the doctor to continue on this food. :-)  We don't feed it for the weight control, but because I feel it is the best for his arthritis.


    52% protein

    11% carbs

    Oh, and just because this says "diet food" don't make the mistake of thinking you can feed the same amount. It is actually pretty high in calories per cup, 458.  Compare carefully with the calories in what you are currently feeding and adjust. A high protein diet will help your dog feel fuller longer.  The volume of food you feed really isn't that important to the dog beyond the first few days, their stomachs adapt to what they are getting.

  •  Oh gosh, every time I gave them EVO, they all gained weight!!!

    The vet and I would like to see her get down to 7lbs, she's 9lbs now. She only gets 1/4cup of kibble (minus 25 kibble, yes I count it out) and around a 1/4 cup of green beans, twice a day. 

    While on the green bean diet, we've tried Natural Balance, Solid Gold and Blue Buffalo.

  • As I just added above, you have to be VERY careful when you feed EVO and figure out exactly how much to feed. You would have to feed less food.

    A quarter cup of kibble actually sounds like a lot for a 7lb dog, even after subtracting 25 pieces. ;-)

  • It does sound like a lot! Fluffy weighs 16 lbs, and gets a smidge under 1/4 cup of low calorie food, twice a day. She's low activity level. Bean is 12 lbs, and gets 3/8 cup, twice a day. She's over the top, ridiculously active. I've had good luck with Core RF.
  • I second the wellness core reduced fat formula. It has the higher protein and high fiber. My dogs are on blue wilderness which has 6.5% fiber plus higher protein. Did your vet tell you how many kcal/cup you need per day? Thats critical info imo.
  • I also agree that 1/4 might be too much for her.  My dachshunds are 14 and 17 lbs and both get 1/4 cup twice per day, plus two or three EVO treats each.  That's it.  And they're chubby (so could stand to lose a little more).

     They're on California Naturals Grain free right now, but when I was feeding EVO it was the same amount.  However, when I had them on TOTW (a lower calorie food) they were getting about 1/3 of a cup twice per day.

  • Juno's eating Earthborn Holistic right now. It's 36% protein I believe. Juno says it's SUPER tasty. She's 47 lbs right now, and eats about a cup a day. She was 50 lbs and slightly chubby 2 1/2 months ago.

    I have no idea how much to feed smaller dogs. I imagine it varies a lot, just like bigger dogs. For instance, my sister's dog Keva, also around 50 lbs, was eating 3 cups a day when she was on Evo, while Juno was eating barely more than 1 cup of the same food. Keva was thin as a rail, Juno was a little padded. Similar activity levels, just clearly VERY different metabolisms.
  •  Luke is eating Nature's Variety Instinct Kibble right now. The chicken flavor is 42% protein. At 14.5 lbs, I'm feeding him about 7/8 cup, and I might go slightly less and add a chicken wing.

  • my dog (who also just turned 5) is on high protein diet partially because he is allergic to beef, wheat, corn and soy, and partially because he needs it with all the exercise he gets. we've fed him taste of the wild, they have a couple varieties that are 32% protein. we just recently switched him over to acana which is 33%. he loves them both