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Feeding raw bones?

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Feeding raw bones?
  • I'd like to give my dogs a raw bone once a week to help with keeping their teeth clean.  I was reading online that knuckle bones are the best for this.  My only concern is that Benny is so small, so will this work for him too?  Also where can I get them?  The only place around here with a meat counter isn't where I normally shop, but I imagine they would do this???


    Oh, and where do you feed raw bones?  I was thinking outside, but then not sure about in the winter time.

  • Theres several krogers near me but only 1 has a meat cutter. Thats where i go for my bones. They get an entire femer and will cut it up however i want in big or small chunks including the knuckles on the end. I feed them outside, even in the winter. They arent allowed in the house. The cost is like 99 cents a lb. Super cheap.
  •  If outside in the winter doesn't work you can teach your dog to chew his bone on a mat. I use a bath mat that can be thrown in the wash.

  • I feed outdoors in through the year except for the coldest of winter, but it's easy enough to feed indoors like Denise said by feeding them in their bed or on a mat that you can just throw in the wash.  I have one old comforter that is folded up into a bed that the dogs can lay indoors in a sunny spot and chew bones on the wet or cold days.

     I use a local meat market and buy some pre-cut, and have others cut for me to size. It takes some getting used to the routine, but I buy in bulk so I only actually "shop" every month and a half to two months or so. They're usually happy to see me come in because I leave with big purchases!

  • I just get the beef marrow bones from the local grocery store here.  They usually have them frozen.  They are very inexpensive.  And, you can select one cut a little smaller one to fit his mouth better.  They really work great.  I have to literally put old blankets and towels down in almost the entire room when she has one.  She never picked up on the stay in one place thing.   I'm sure you've heard this before but scrap the marrow out so it doesn't upset his stomach.

  •  Bugsy won't eat a raw bone outside - he buries them over and over so I feed him raw on a bath towel and he is super about staying on it.

    I get inexpensive knuckle bones from a Chinese supermarket as they are the only ones locally that have full bones which I ask them to cut off the knuckles.  I don't feed Bugsy the marrow bones because he tries to crack them open which is asking for a broken tooth

  •  It would be better to feed Benny raw bones outdoors to save the bother of cleaning up afterwards. Alternatively, you could train him to chew the bones on an old washable mat.