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Homemade dog treats

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Homemade dog treats
  •  I'm looking for opinions & thoughts. I tried a new recipe today for homemade dog treats for our 3 year old Boggle (half Boston Terrier/ half Beagle) but had to make a substitution with one of the ingredients, now I'm wondering if I should have done that.

    The recipe called for powdered milk, but the only box at my store was huge & would have expired long before I could use it all; seemed like a waste of money. So I substituted a store brand of 'original' coffee creamer. Today I noticed the first ingredient is 'corn syrup solids'. That's probably like sugar to a dog? When I figured out how much he'd get per treat - it amounts to only about 1/2 teaspoon. (I scored the treats so we can break them in half, my cutter is kind of big for his size). 

    Any opinions on these treats - will they be bad for him? I thought the recipe sounded good - contains ingredients like small jar meat baby food, chicken bouillon, rice, some whole wheat flour & regular flour etc. - I've made recipes that were easier, but this one sounded interesting. Thanks for any thoughts.

  • Personally, I wouldn't feed it because of all of the sugar.

    FWIW, I've had good results buying the big box of powdered milk, & freezing what I don't use. 

  • I didn't think about freezing the powdered milk, thanks for the suggestion. I freeze flour, I suppose the powdered milk would work the same.

     After I read your response, I realized I should have said each treat would have 1/2 t. of creamer, not sugar. So the amount of sugar would be less than that because the creamer does contain dry milk & soy etc. Hard to determine how much sugar he'd get I guess.

    So would your opinion still be don't give him the treats at all?  Would that amount of sugar type product short term be that harmful to him - or is it more if he has a steady long term diet that includes sugar? I wouldn't make these again with the creamer, next time I'll invest in the milk.

  •  I use a pretty basic recipe with brown rice flour, milk ( i think i actually omitted that last time), honey or molasses ( just enough to get stuff to bind a bit) an egg. then i shredded carrots and stuck them in there too. I find that I usually cook my treats longer than recommended so they're nice & crunch, they keep better that way. the softer treats always rotted way too fast.

  •  Thanks for the input. I'm thinking maybe this recipe wasn't the best one to make & I'll try to stay more basic next time. I'm not sure I will give these to him after all. I need to learn a little more the way it looks.